Be Afraid. Be VERY Afraid.

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Three more reasons the FCC and censorship advocates MUST BE STOPPED.

Here are some excerpts from recent articles that everyone should read:

1) Bush Urged To Appoint Anti-Indecency FCC Chairman
Excerpts from the letter: While we acknowledge the importance of parental control over children’s viewing habits, Hollywood and certain media companies work to ensure that children are exposed to it whether they or their parents like it or not.

While opponents believe that the enforcement of such standards is detrimental, Chairman Powell stated it best when he said, ‘Berating citizens who believe in values and reasonable limits is insulting and polarizing and distracts from the legitimate issues of this policy debate.’

2) House Panel Backs Broadcast Indecency Fine Hike
Legislation to raise fines on television and radio broadcasters and individuals for violating decency limits to as much as $500,000 per incident won approval on Wednesday from the U.S. House Energy and Commerce Committee. The current maximum fine is $32,500 per violation.

3) FCC Asks For Reform Of Open Meeting Law
FCC Chairman Michael Powell and Commissioner Michael Copps have asked for reform of the open meeting requirement of the Government In Sunshine Act, saying, “the Commission’s decisional processes are impaired by this requirement.”

The Government In Sunshine Act was set in place to keep meetings by government agencies in the public eye. Currently, any meeting of three or more [FCC] commissioners must be open to the public. If the Sunshine Act is amended, Powell and Copps state the five-member FCC would meet privately only “in appropriate circumstances.”

With the FCC currently mulling over decisions that will effect media ownership levels, digital television and telecom companies, indecency, among many other hot topics that have big business implications, Powell and Copps feel Commissioners would benefit from closed door meetings, saying some commission decisions are “less well informed and well explained than they would be if we each had the benefit of the others’ expertise and perspective.”

Alleging that Hollywood is out to corrupt all youth? Characterizing those who would oppose censorship as “Berating citizens who believe in values?” Proposing exorbitant fines for each utterance? Calling for secret meetings? Excuse me, but does their “expertise” and “perspective” only work in private?

Am I the only one who sees a problem here?!!

*Note: this post was reconstructed on 2/20/05 due to loss of data.

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