Kamin Loves U2… and I Have Proof

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Remember how Kamin hates U2? Remember how not getting into Penn State doesn’t bother him at all? Well, he’s lying, and I have proof.

Below is an excerpt from what he wrote in my yearbook at the end of our senior year of high school… (click to enlarge).


My First (and Hopefully Not Last) Annual Contest

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KATE: Knuckleheaded Ass, Tiptoeing in Excrement

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My inner ten-year-old was having waaaaay too much fun with this last night:

The Name-Calling Acronym Generator

Tee hee hee.



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TV Cream’s Top 100 Toys

How many of these did you play with as a kid? I lost count, but I think it was 19 or 20 for me.

Just this past weekend, my brother showed me the old View-master he’d recently dug out from the void in our parents’ house. I probably haven’t even thought about that thing in almost 20 years.

Among other things, the slides included dinosaurs, Muppets, Winnie the Pooh, My Little Pony, Dumbo, and Thundercats. My brother also had some with Ghostbusters and Ninja Turtles.

Boy did that bring back memories. I feel so old.


Gee, That’s Super!

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You know, I thought it was kind of dumb when Gwyneth Paltrow and Chris Martin named their kid Apple, but this one really takes the cake: Nicholas Cage just had a kid and name him Kal-el. As in Superman. Who the hell does that to a kid? I wonder if they will just call him Clark.

Annals of Retarded Celebrity Baby Names: Superbaby Edition [Defamer]

Kind of reminds me of a client in an office where I used to work who was named T’Pring. Are you thinking to yourself “Wait… I know that name… wasn’t that Spock’s wife in the episode where we first learn about the whole Vulcan “mate or die” syndrome?” Well, if you were thinking that, you would be right.


It’s Always Better On Holiday

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Something to distract from the Monday doldrums for a minute:

New Office Slang [The Big Picture]


When Italians Drop Acid…

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From Ananova:

This is a pink rabbit on the side the Colletto Fava mountain in the Piedmont region of Italy. A 200 foot pink rabbit. Okaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay….

And it’s supposed to stay there for the next 20 years.


In Good Company

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I was looking at something on Wikipedia today (can’t remember what it was now), and I saw a link to their “red hair” article. I was curious, so I clicked on it. Their information looks pretty standard, but I was rather amused by the pictures they had. So, I had a look at their blond and brunette entries to see if they were similar.

This was their brunette:
Their predictable blond:

Okay, no suprises there. Now take a look at my hair color’s representation…. (more…)


Now I Know My ABCs…

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I just got around to watching the daily show from Tuesday night. So many great moments. Anyway, I’m posting this a little late, but I didn’t see it out there on the internets, so what the hell…

From The Daily Show 09.07.05
Ed Helms: Well Jon, as you know, administration fiascos are named alphabetically…

Love the Princess Bride reference. :-)

Thanks to Edo for getting me the screen grab.


Old School

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So I was going through some old pictures when I was home last weekend, and look what I found… (more…)


Intelligent Falling

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Manchild already posted this link on Holz’s blog, but it was at the end of a basically dead discussion, so I wanted to share it again here:

Evangelical Physicists Refute Gravity With New ‘Intelligent Falling’ Theory [The Onion]

Didn’t want anyone to miss it, because I thought it was great.



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Well this past weekend was quite productive if not tiring. My parents really helped me out a lot with getting my new apartment in order. I would take this opportunity to publicly thank them, but they don’t actually know about this blog, so what good would that do? Anyway, the new place is still a long way from complete, but it’s finally becoming more livable. Yay!

On Friday night, I got into a somewhat heated debate with my dad over a current topic in the media (big surprise). It’s a long story, not worth the details, no big deal—we do that a lot. But the next morning, my mom and I were talking, and she was lecturing me about knowing when to give up pursuing an argument with him. I told her “He started it!” and she said “Yes, you’re right, what he said was very antagatory.”

Mom accidentally made up a new word and I quite like it.

An·tag·a·to·ry (an-”tag-&-”tOr-E): adj. indicating opposition or resistance and tending to cause anger, animosity, or indignation. Derived from the words “antagonistic” and “inflammatory.”

I wonder how you go about getting a new word in the dictionary…


Long Time Ago in the Faraway Galaxy

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Some of you may have already seen this on Fark, but it’s just so funny that I had to put it here. I was having a lot of trouble not laughing out loud at work.

Be sure to check out the whole thing.

Episode III, the backstroke of the west [winterson.com]


Search Me

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Once again, it’s time to play i want to search landslide, with your host, Kate. What’s brought people here recently? Let’s find out… (more…)


I Just Might Have to Buy This Shirt

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Ophelia’s Art (via CafePress)


Why This Street So Wide?

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I have a new favorite blog at the moment: Overheard in Philly.

Yes, I know the concept is borrowed from Overheard in New York, but it’s damn funny, especially if you live here.

My favorites so far:

Woman with baby, arguing with drunken man who had butted in line: “Don’t make me put my baby down!”
-Wawa, 2nd & South

Overweight teenage girl crossing street: “Damn. Why this street so wide?”
Friend: “Nigga, this is Broad Street.”
-Broad & Arch

[via Philebrity]


That’s Not a Book. It’s a Book Report!

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Oh how I love Lewis Black.


Eye’s Wide Shut

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So I have these two new interns… we’ll call them Dumb and Dumber. They are driving me nuts. I thought you needed to be smart to get into college. They are keeping me too busy to go into more detail, but don’t let me forget to tell you about them. For now, have a laugh at Tom Cruise’s expense:

Tom Cruise’s Medical Forum


He Will Come to Your House and Beat Your Ass With a Lead Pipe

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So after having a look at this site: How Do Dinosaurs Fit With the Bible?, courtesy of Holz, I was so overwhelmed with frustration (okay, loathing), that I was grateful to stumble upon this one: JESUS FUCKING ROCKS!, courtesy of NDC.


Poor Baby

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I never got around to posting this last week, so maybe some of you have already seen it, but I thought it was still funny enough to merit a remark.

Local real estate developer William Juliano threw a little hissy fit when he wasn’t allowed to build a Home Depot in the middle of a New Jersey wetland area. So he put up this billboard.

Sources report that he is currently holding his breath until he gets his way.


Runaway News

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Attytood had an interesting idea about how to get the media to cover hard news again.


The Lubrication of Love and Life

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I resisted the urge to make fun of the pictures from the Bush-Abdullah meeting, but this site was just too funny to pass by: O Harmony.


How to be a Catholic

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Stan has inspired me to deride my religious upbringing. Here’s how I would describe a Catholic mass to those who have not had the pain of experiencing one for themselves:

Enter church. Dip fingers in water that has already been dipped into by hundreds of people. Apply to body.

Kneel, cross yourself, and quickly get up before sitting on hard wooden bench.

Sit quietly until mass begins. Reflect upon all your sins. You are a bad person. Don’t deny it—you were born that way. (more…)


Revenge of the ‘Stache

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Real Ultimate Power

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Hey Stan, aren’t you supposed to be teaching us how to defend against these guys?