UMIL: Day 7

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Thanks to all who gave me kind words when I was freaking out yesterday and the night before about UMIL’s disapproval of me. Today I’m feeling a little better.

I try to approach the situation with humor, because otherwise all I’d have is anger. And well, anger is bad. :-p

I did get some thoughtful advice from people yesterday…

From my dad:
He’s her guy, and she’ll do anything to hold onto that. You are a threat to her, so she’s fighting back.

From my boss (who always has such a way with words):
If you’re planning on marrying this guy—or okay, living in sin for the rest of your life, whatever—she’s not going anywhere and you have to find a way to get along with her.

Ehhhh, so I didn’t ask for her, but boy do I have to deal with her. I just have to remind myself that I’m lucky I don’t have to spend whole entire days with the UMIL.

And I must remember to laugh.

Ha. Ha. Ha.


UMIL: Day 6

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Wow! Has it really been six days? More like five until this evening, but it’s the sixth calendar day. So… how are we doing?

Well, dinner with my parents on Saturday went very well. Better than I expected, actually. Hooray for us!

But last night I got my first feedback on what UMIL thinks of me. Let’s see…

I’m cold and distant. I’m not reaching out to her. And I’m bossy and ungrateful.

I’m messy (which is true, but I’ve been on extra super duper good behavior and I haven’t actually done anything messy). This comment was supposedly prompted by two water pitchers that were left out, even though I was not the only person using them. In fact, while they were off in New York earlier that same day, I had to clean up a miniature espresso flood that was inadvertently left for me in my kitchen, and I baked 3 dozen cookies with nary a trace left when I was done.

I have nothing interesting to say. Even my parents ignore me.

I talk too fast (okay, I’ll give her that one).

I think that everything in America is better, even though I never once expressed that sentiment (apparently I can’t even describe the way something is done in the US as a comparison to other countries without exalting the American way of life at the top of my lungs). Half of her sentences to me start off with “You must understand that in Italy, it’s different….” And she can’t believe I haven’t gone over there yet to see and understand how they do things.

Oh, and because I come from a “lower social class,” I mustn’t forget that I’m a “climber,” and I shouldn’t make other people stoop down to my standards.

So, you know… I guess things could be worse. She could be staying for three weeks instead of two.


You’re Not as Ugly as I Thought You Were

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Well, she’s here. Day one (yesterday) with UMIL went pretty well. I left work a tad early and rushed home to put some last minute things together and bake some cupcakes. There was a little snafu at the airport (will someone please tell me what the problem is with AirFrance’s baggage system?!), which gave me even more time to get things ready. So all in all, not too bad.

Before we went to bed, she told me that I was much more beautiful than she remembered. Now I guess that’s nice, and it has been three years since she’s seen me… but do I really look that shitty in all of the pictures she’s seen of me?

Oh wait… I forgot about this.


T-2 Hours…

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I’m beginning to feel a little panicky.

We are SO not ready for the arrival of the un-mother-in-law (UMIL).



T-24 Hours and Counting

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Edo’s mom (the UMIL) arrives tomorrow at 3:50 PM. I’ve taken the day off to clean my apartment, stress over little things, and generally freak out.


She Worries Me So…

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Seven days and counting until my un-mother-in-law (UMIL) arrives for her two week stay with us. I’m getting just a tad stressed out, since I want everything to exceed perfection when she comes. Edo says I shouldn’t worry about it, but that’s such a typical male reaction, don’t you think? Because no matter what anyone says, the condition of a home is always a reflection upon the woman. Think about it. (I’m talking about the organization, decoration, design, etc, not the structural aspects).

You see, over the course of our five year relationship, I’ve only met his mom once before. That was three years ago, when she came to stay with us in our old apartment. So I kind of want to impress her. Or at least not un-impress her. I mean, I just don’t want her to leave thinking “Edo’s wasting his time his time here with this ordinary American girl when he could be traveling the world and sleeping with models.”

Oh, and my parents have never met his parents. And I seem to be the only person who thinks it’s about time for that to happen. So I arranged for my parents to come down and have dinner at our place when she’s here. Hence… even more stress.

And then there’s the work-related stress, but that never goes away, so whatever.

Anyway, I guess the point of this post is that I might be a little less bloggy for the next few weeks, though I’ll try to keep up the best I can.


The Butterfly Effect

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You may recall that I was having a bit of trouble coming up with a Halloween costume.

I finally decided to go with Melissa’s idea (thanks, Meli!!) and be a social butterfly.

Edo went as my opposite: a wallflower.

We were a hit. :-)

And yes, I made the wings from scratch. Nothing like that to remind you why people actually spend money on costumes….


Toil and Trouble

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I have less than a week to come up with Halloween costumes for Edo and myself. I’m not really excited about dressing up, but my aunt is having a Halloween party on Saturday and it means a lot to her. And I know that once I put on the costume, I’ll probably have fun.

But I have no clue what to do. Maybe you guys can help?

Here are some stipulations:
–Easy: We don’t have a car and don’t plan on renting one before this weekend, so all of the items have to be easy to obtain.
–Cost: The cheaper the better. New apartment + new computer + 5 concerts in one month = Kate is broke.
–No masks: we want to be able to see/talk/eat without any hindrance.
–Nothing too risqué or off color: my parents will see it.

The more original and creative the better, but I suppose we can’t be too picky at this point.

Any ideas?


Always Wear a Slip

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Today I decided to go for the tall boots + skirt look. Everything was going fine until I started walking to work.

The front of my skirt kept sticking to my tights, and quickly riding its way up my thighs. I had to yank it back down after every four or five steps I took. I’m sure I looked like a total idiot.

I thought maybe it was just the wind doing this to me, but alas, the little bitch continued to misbehave even after I got to the office. Really, it was a bit ridiculous. I ended up having to take off the tights. Much better.

The moral of this story? Girls, remember what your mothers told you: always wear a slip.

Or at least make sure you can walk down the street without giving everyone a free show.


Working for the Weekend

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Hey guys, sorry I haven’t been around much these days. I took Friday off from work, and we used the long weekend to run about a million errands. Edo and I have yet to finish putting the new place together, so we still had to purchase a good amount of furniture and other apartment-related items. We did well, finding almost everything we needed. Also had a few family things to do.

Yesterday, I had a study monitor in my office. Essentially, someone from the study’s regional center came to check up on us (a local site) to make sure we weren’t pulling any data out of our asses. They also check to make sure everything else is in order (i.e. paperwork, paperwork, paperwork). It’s routine practice, but it was my first time since all my other studies are locally coordinated (by me). Anyway, it went well, but it was very stressful, especially after having been out on Friday.

So now it’s Tuesday and I’m way behind. Oh well.


Return of the Italian

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Well, it’s been a wild and crazy three weeks of non-stop partying and debauchery, but today it comes to an end: Edo is returning home in mere hours.

Quite frankly, I’m glad, because I don’t know how much more depravity and perversion I could have handled.


A Rush of Blood to the Head

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Saw Coldplay last night at the Tweeter Center. Great show. Awesome performance, very entertaining. Not as spectacular as when I saw them from the center of the 3rd row a few years ago, but still very cool. Probably the best sound quality I’ve ever heard at the Tweeter Center, too.

So, after the show, we got in line for the RiverLink ferry to take us back to Penn’s Landing (and away from New Jersey). Everything was fine until hordes of people began merging into the line ahead of us, until it was probably 20 people deep! I couldn’t believe it. There was no organization, no crowd control, nothing. And we, being the civilized people that we are, were screwed by thinking that people would actually line up in a reasonable fashion. We ended up waiting in line for an hour while the bastards in front of us boarded the ferries and took off. I was SO pissed. Maybe this is a common phenomenon, but I’ve taken the ferry lots of times, and I’ve never seen it happen before.

Of course we missed the subway (because freaking SEPTA stops running them just after midnight), so we decided to walk up Walnut until we saw a bus or got to Little Pete’s, whichever happened first. We ended up walking the whole 17 blocks, which turned out to be just fine since it was a beautiful night. Along the way, we saw the breaking news story that Peter Jennings had died. I couldn’t believe it had happened so fast. Very sad. Lung cancer is so nasty.

But anyway, we still had a great night, albeit a late one. So tired…!


Time Keeps On Slipping

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Holy crap! How did it get to be July 9th without me writing a single thing this month? I’m not really sure how that happened. Well, maybe I am a little… Here’s a quick update:

-Live 8 was good. Would have been better if I didn’t have to work that morning, but whatever. We have some very boring pictures of the crowd. VH1 and MTV are showing 5 hours each of commercial free Live 8 footage on Saturday if anyone is interested.

-The 4th was mostly uneventful, but I did perfect a new muffin recipe.

-We’ll be gone most of this weekend, then we’re leaving on the 15th for ten days. I still intend to post my trip plans…. We’ll see if I actually do it.

-The apartment into which we are moving is not quite as great as I originally thought. But we’re still moving. By August 1st. Chaos ensues…

-Edo is making his biannual pilgrimage to the motherland in August. I’ll have three weeks of non-stop orgies and partying to plan.

That’s all for now, as it is after 3 AM. Hope everyone has a good weekend!


Moving on Up Sideways

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I’m such a bad blogger. You can all feel free to cyber-bitchslap me. It’s not that I haven’t had anything to say… I’ve just found myself somehow incapable of typing it. Oh well. You’ll probably be hearing a bit more from me this week. For now, here are some of the fun and wild details of my crazy life… (more…)


Don’t Wake Me, I Plan On Sleeping In

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Sometimes it’s so nice to just do nothing…

Today I slept until 2:30. Well, okay. I got up at 9:55, bought Coldplay tickets at 10:00, then went back to bed.

During the past TV season, we saved every episode of 24 so we could watch them later. So after I woke up, we sat down and began a little 24 marathon for ourselves. Well, we started it after I got over the nagging feeling that I had something to do today. I guess I’ve been so busy lately that I’d forgotten what it’s like to do nothing. Not that I’m complaining, but it’s still nice. (more…)


Talk Without Speaking, Scream Without Raising Your Voice

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So I’ve been gone for a little while… I keep doing that… Sorry! :-p Right now I’ve almost lost my voice, and I’ve got that sexy raspy thing going for me. Or so I thought. Last night on the phone, my brother told me that I sounded like a man. And this morning, Edo said that I sound like a whorish sorority girl. So much for sexy. (more…)


Coming Out of My Cage

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But it’s just the price I pay. Holy freaking crap, last week was really stressful. This week isn’t looking to be too much better, since I think I can still feel the ulcer growing. Data errors, data demands, suprise new employees, two leaks in my apartment (one huge one—maybe I’ll post a picture later).

But there were some highlights…
-Gotta gotta be down. Got to see Allie on Friday night! Too bad I had to work the whole time. (I’ll make it up to you, promise!)
-Open up my eager eyes. On Saturday, I went to my first of four U2 shows this year. Very awesome, but my seats weren’t very good. Scratch that, they were bad. But the concert was still great—I wouldn’t expect any less. My boys from Dublin, they know how to put on a show. Got to hear some songs I’ve never heard live before. A few of the classic old standards were absent—I sent Lushy a text message right after that read “Kate after first Philly U2 concert: No WOWY? How can there be no WOWY?” But that’s okay. I have a feeling a few of those favorites might return in the fall.

And then again, there were some low points…
-Now I’m falling asleep. After Allie left, I was up until 4AM finishing my project.
-And my stomach is sick. After the U2 concert I ate a rotten strawberry. (Well, I put it in my mouth and began to chew. It never made it to my stomach.) My GOD that was disgusting.

How did it end up like this? Well anyway, I didn’t write this post to solicit sympathy. I just wanted to ramble a bit. After all, it turns out there are people who had worse weekends than me.

And I’ve been doing just fine.


Hello again…

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Well I’ve been absent for a while… sorry about that. I’ve been pretty tied up, both at work and at home. Let’s see… Edo’s birthday was Friday, so I helped him celebrate by taking the day off and doing seven loads of laundry. We also went out to lunch, hit the grocery store, took a nap (damn Indian food puts you right to sleep), and I got a chip in my tooth fixed. FUN!! Anyway, the real fun came later when I baked a cake and gave Edo his presents, which included (among others things) the Star Wars Trilogy. And that was that.

We watched the first movie the same night, and then Edo’s good friend Tom came over to watch Empire and Jedi with us on Saturday. Here’s my first impression of the dvds. WOW!! Freaking amazing sound and the transfers looked beautiful. I’m pretty miffed about all of the changes (which is why we didn’t buy it sooner), but the dvds really are quite awesome. That early scene in Empire with the shot of all the ships when you first hear the Imperial March—we have these sweet little bass transducers under the futon and it was just… OH MY GOD! It was so freaking incredible. I would bitch about the changes (especially replacing the Anakin force ghost with Hayden Christensen, that was just bullshit), but I’m assuming most of you are already familiar with the inability of George Lucas to LEAVE THINGS ALONE!!! (more…)


Excuses, Excuses…

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Been a little absent these past few days. Here are my excuses:
-I’ve been REALLY busy at work.
-Um, Thursday was St. Pat’s Day.
-Friday: see Thursday. And I had to work.
-Saturday I was shopping. I needed more shoes. Really.
-Saturday night I went out to dinner with my aunt. To the Smoked Joint. Not really my first choice.
-Sunday we had people over.
-The Sims 2 is a damn addictive game.

Anyway, I’ll probably go Blog-lite this week. Work really is kicking my ass.


Mmmmm… Cake

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Grandma's Cake

I made two birthday cakes last weekend, one for Mom and one for my Grandmom. I was pretty pleased with the outcome. Of course we only took this one picture of my Grandmom’s cake after it was in the box. We took her to the Dalí exhibit for her birthday, so I attempted a Dalí inspired cake (that’s supposed to be a melting clock).

I made a celtic themed one for my mom. My brother took some shots with his digital camera, so if I get a hold of his pics I’ll post one of her cake, too. After all, I was up all night baking/decorating, so I’d like to show off my efforts.

By the way, you should have seen the makeshift boxes Edo constructed so we could safely carry the cakes on the train!! I brought home some heavy cardboard and packing tape from work and he made boxes to fit. It was hilarious. Most ghetto cake transportation effort ever! But it worked.


A Crowd has Gathered in Black and White…

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Fun night. Edo and his friend Richard convinced me to go to Rittenhouse Square for a snowball fight. What a beautiful night (almost under a blood red sky, for those of you noticing a theme…).




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I’m home on MLK Day watching Voyager Season 7 and fiddling some more with this thing. Man, getting the aesthetics just the way I want will be challenging. Any suggestions would be appreciated. Thanksh.