I’ve Waited Hours For This

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Dude! Last night I mentioned that songs by The Killers and The Cure have been showing up on Anderson Cooper 360. Well, tonight Countdown with Keith Olbermann just had a bit with the Cure song “Close to Me.”

Now Countdown often uses popular songs with a specific reference in mind—last night I think it was “Burning Down the House” after a story about a dog who nearly did just that—but this one was completely unrelated to the story.

I wonder if someone started selling The Cure’s song rights to news organizations… Still, it’s cool.

-Come Closer and See


Come Closer and See

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For the past few nights, I’ve noticed that Anderson Cooper 360 has been using music by The Killers and The Cure in their fades to/from commercials. Specifically, the songs I picked out were “Jenny Was a Friend of Mine” and “A Forest.” How cool is that?


What’s the Big Deal?

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Okay, I have to get this off my chest…. What is so damn wonderful about Katie Couric? Would somebody please explain that to me, because I’ve never understood it.

It’s not that I hate her—I don’t. I just can’t see why people think she’s so special and amazing when my reaction to her ranges from indifference to mild annoyance.

Not that it really matters to me: I’ve never watched NBC’s Today Show or the CBS Evening News, and I don’t have plans to start.

Still, it would be nice if someone could let me in on the secret.

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Suicide is Painless

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Attention all personnel:

I would just like to take this opportunity to profess my utter and undying love for M*A*S*H.

On that note, tell me some of your all time favorite television shows.

That is all.


The Big Rock Pancake Mountain

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If I had kids, I would totally make them watch this show. And no, not just because they had a kids’ dance party with The Arcade Fire.

Well, maybe a little bit because of that.

Pancake Mountain
(Click on “What We’re About” for an overview.)


How Did I Miss This?

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Clap Your Hands Say Yeah On David Letterman

[via Philebrity]


Have You Tried Turning It Off and On Again?

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Yesterday, one of my students said to me as she was leaving for the day “Oh, by the way, the computer died on me earlier. I tried turning it back on, but it died again.”

Ummmm… WHAT?!

Now this is a very smart girl. One of the brightest students I’ve had. Not at all like my Dumb and Dumber interns from last summer (“Does that go through the network or something?”).

So why she wouldn’t come running into my office the minute it failed is beyond me.

I asked her “Did you check the power connection?”


No?! NO?!! When your computer spontaneously shuts down, isn’t that the FIRST THING YOU CHECK??? I dunno, maybe I’m asking too much here. Maybe I’ve just kicked more power cords and accidentally ripped them out of the wall than the average person. Wait, no… that’s definitely true…

Anyway, I’m actually not sure what happened. All the plugs were, in fact, still connected, but the computer wouldn’t turn on. So I just switched off the surge protector, pressed reset, and turned it back on. Voila, the computer booted up. I must be a fucking genius.

But I digress. I didn’t even start this post with the intention of telling that story, but then I found myself inspired by the title.

So now, the original reason for this edition of my blatherings…

The new Britcom “The IT Crowd” is my favorite new tv show at the moment. It’s about the IT geeks in the basement of a large company.

Do yourself a favor and watch the first episode here.

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What the Frell am I Gonna Watch Now?

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Edo and I finished watching Farscape over the weekend. Good series. We really enjoyed ourselves. I’m going to miss it.


Current Guilty Sci Fi Indulgence:

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Farscape, Season One.

Or as we like to call it, “Fire Escape.”


It’s Bigger on the Inside

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I’m really happy that the Sci Fi Channel has decided to air the first season of the new Doctor Who series.

It looks like the BBC is happy, as well. Check out their intro page (if you are at work, you might want to turn down your volume before clicking the link). It’s the silliest thing I’ve seen in ages.

Anyway, I encourage all of you to watch it (starting in March). And if you’re not convinced at first, it definitely gets better after the first few episodes, so stick with it.

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Anyone else mourning the future of Arrested Development?

Fox pulls ‘Arrested Development’ for November sweeps [ABC]


CNN Makes Me 360 Degrees of Dizzy

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Seriously, what the hell is the matter with CNN? Some of you may have heard that the news network has recently shuffled their lineup, firing Aaron Brown and giving us more of Anderson Cooper, who will now be on from 10-12 every night.

Too bad, I really liked coming home and putting on AC 360 at 7 PM, when I don’t usually have anything better to do, and watching for most of the hour. Now he’ll be on for two hours at a time when I’m almost always busy.

I love Anderson Cooper, but I fear that too much of him will eventually cause me to feel otherwise. CNN is exploiting the shit out of all the good work he did covering Katrina. Not that I’ll be watching him as often as before, but he’s going to get so overhyped and overexposed that he’ll be ruined. (If that hasn’t happened already).

And while Aaron Brown wasn’t my favorite anchor, I certainly found him more tolerable and interesting than a lot of their other crap. At least he actually summed up the news stories of the day.

So, what’s happening to the 7 PM time slot, you ask? Why, Wolf Blitzer’s “Situation Room.” Don’t even get me started on how stupid the premise of that show is….

“We’re always live here on the Situation Room. And oh, by the way, you’re watching the Situation Room. Did I say ‘Situation Room?’ I think I said ‘Situation Room.’ Look at all the pretty televisions with feeds from international news channels. We’re not going to tell you what’s on them, but look how pretty they are here behind me on the Situation Room!”

So anyway, the Situation Room will now air from 4-6, with an hour pause for Lou Dobbs, and then we get more Blitzer from 7-8. Maybe it’s because they realized that no one wants to watch three straight hours of the Wolf man. I don’t know. But the whole thing just seems so convoluted.

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Links via Wonkette. Don’t bother looking for any info about this on CNN.com.


You Can’t Take the Sky From Me

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Edo and I went to see Serenity on Saturday. To prepare, we watched the all the TV episodes in order last week, so we were really excited to see the movie.

We both ended up being a bit disappointed. Now don’t get me wrong, there were a lot of awesome moments and we did enjoy ourselves.

It started out well enough, with a good opening scene (though I didn’t entirely understand how they got themselves into the situation in the first place). The first shots of the ship were also great.

The dialogue was witty and snappy throughout the movie, and there were many hilarious moments. But it just seemed like the story got away from itself toward the end.

I don’t know, maybe I would feel different (or think I did) if I was more than just a passive fan.

I welcome you to disagree, as long as you explain yourself. :-) Spoilers are fine, just post a warning.


Like a Complete Unknown

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Tonight I should really be doing laundry or varnishing a cabinet or something, but I will instead be watching No Direction Home: Bob Dylan with Edo and a friend. I’m really looking forward to it, in spite of only catching two hours of sleep last night.

The documentary covers what are probably the most important years of Dylan’s career (1961-1966), and will include a lot of previously unseen footage from that era, as well as recent interviews done exclusively for this project. Directed by Martin Scorsese, it has received wide critical acclaim from both fans and casual observers alike.

Bob Dylan is more than just a musical icon. He’s one of the most important artists of the 20th century, and whether you love or hate him, his legacy is a piece of our cultural heritage. No Direction Home is premiering on PBS tonight and concluding tomorrow (it’s a two-parter), so I encourage all of you to watch.

You got nothing to lose.


Now I Know My ABCs…

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I just got around to watching the daily show from Tuesday night. So many great moments. Anyway, I’m posting this a little late, but I didn’t see it out there on the internets, so what the hell…

From The Daily Show 09.07.05
Ed Helms: Well Jon, as you know, administration fiascos are named alphabetically…

Love the Princess Bride reference. :-)

Thanks to Edo for getting me the screen grab.


From the Dept. of “What Will They Toture Us With Next”

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Skating with Celebrities Coming to Fox

As if Dancing with the Stars wasn’t bad enough.



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There’s currently (9:35 EST) a discussion on Larry King Live about Evolution vs. Intelligent Design, if anyone is interested.


And Now… Deep Thoughts

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Edo said something tonight that I thought was just so profound. If Jeffrey Combs and Bruce Campbell ever did a movie together, the universe would stop. Thoughts anyone?


Sing Along to the Age of Paranoia

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So I don’t watch a whole lot of regular television, but in the last week I’ve noticed (what seems to me) some excessive censorship on basic cable. On last night’s Daily Show, they bleeped out the “blow” in blowjob. And last week I was watching the Green Day episode of Storytellers on VH1 (excellent, btw). Now I was expecting them to censor the big ones, but dope? I thought we were past that. They wouldn’t censor it on a cop show (”busted for dope”) so what’s the big deal if it’s in a song? I know the FCC has everyone running scared, but this is cable, not broadcast. WTF?!

I actually tried searching the web for a list of these words and came up empty. So, I want to compile a list of seemingly silly words that are bleeped on basic cable. Here’s my start:

-blowjob (Daily Show, Comedy Central)
-faggot, fags (Green Day Storytellers, VH1)
-dope (Green Day Storytellers, VH1)
-mary jane (Green Day Storytellers, VH1)

(There’s probably more from Storytellers, but that’s what I can remember off the top of my head. They probably killed “cocaine,” too.)

Please add other instances you’ve noticed to the list, and (include the show/network if you can remember). Also, if anyone can point me to a good site for this, that would be great.


Coming Soon: An American Remake of [insert any British show here]

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So I’m watching my secret lover man on the Tonight Show, and I see an ad for The Office, soon to premiere on NBC. WTF?!! Did they learn nothing from that miserable remake of Coupling? Ugh! It looks like it’s going to be horrible. Any day now I think we’re going to see them redoing AbFab. Kirstie Allie can play Edina, and maybe Joan Rivers could be Patsy.


CSI: The Final Frontier

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Wil Wheaton on CSI
Wesley Crusher grew up to be a crazy homeless person! Who knew?

Besides readers of WIL WHEATON dot NET, that is.

Anyway, check out this article in the New York Times.

And then watch CSI tonight!

For once, I’m actually going to watch a television show as it’s being broadcast. Sometimes I just can’t wait.


Who Needs Decent TV Anyway?

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This is a good article about the handling of programming on the Fox Network. Holz, you’ll appreciate this. Thanks to Edo for the tip.

How to Kill Good Programming: A User’s Manual


So Say We All

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Hey people, just an FYI…


Trust me, I have seen the future.

You can thank me later.