My Life is Brilliant

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Speaking of new bands and new music, tonight I’m going to see James Blunt at the World Cafe. This marks the end of eight concerts in two months for me (it was supposed to be nine, but I don’t want to talk about that).

I never did get around to reviewing the last two (The Bravery and Clap Your Hands Say Yeah). Maybe some time this week…

Anyway, I’m really looking forward to seeing James Blunt. He’s a singer/songwriter, which is not always my type–there are some I love, but others I can’t stand. He’s among the ones I love. His vocals are pretty distinctive; he has sort of a “see-saw” high/low thing going on, so I don’t think he’ll be everyone’s cup of tea.

You may not have heard of James Blunt, but he has the best-selling album in the UK this year, topping the charts over there for nine weeks straight. I’ve been hearing bits and pieces of him these days. His song “You’re Beautiful” was in a preview for a movie, and on an episode of ER.

I was thinking of radio blogging him today, but seeing as how we just put up some new music, I’ll wait a little while. His album, Back to Bedlam, was just released in the US last month, so perhaps you’ll be hearing him everywhere soon.


All I Want is a Picture of You

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All I want is to get right next to you…

U2 on Sunday were freaking incredible. We were in the second row of people, right in front of the center of the ellipse. All four members of the band were directly in front of me at least once during different points in the night.

The performance was outstanding, as it usually is. I won’t go into any more detail than that, since I know most of you don’t care.

After it ended, several of our friends were trying to convince us to go to the second show the following (Monday) night. They actually had me feeling sort of guilty.

We toyed with the idea, especially since we had given up New York last week, but ultimately decided that we were too tired and just didn’t have enough time to devote another whole day to this.

Boy was that a mistake. You know what I missed?


He joined them on stage during the encore.


I’m trying not to dwell on it (and mostly I am succeeding), but goddamnit!!

Anyway, if you are at all interested, there are a few more pictures after the jump. (more…)


Take Me Out

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So, Friday night I went to see Franz Ferdinand. The concert was a lot of fun, but it didn’t seem like the boys gave their best performance. Alex flubbed the lyrics in about two thirds of the songs, and the crowd wasn’t as into it as they should have been. (The crowd factor may have been due to the venue having seats, which sort of kept people spread out.)

I must say, though, the encore was awesome. It was like they switched into hyperdrive. That sort of redeemed things a bit. Too bad the whole show wasn’t like that. It was very early in their tour, so I’d like to catch them again later when they’ve gotten a little practice. I’m also looking forward to hearing a few more of the new songs that didn’t make it into the setlist this time.

Anyway, even though it wasn’t one of the best concerts I’ve seen, we still had a great time, and I will definitely be going to see them again.


I’m Just a Shot Away From You

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Tonight: Franz Ferdinand

Tomorrow: Serenity

Sunday: U2

Oh yeah, it’s going to be a good weekend.


So Cruel

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This past Saturday I was supposed to see U2 at Madison Square Garden. I bought the tickets months ago. New York City is just a train ride away, I thought. Ha! About a week beforehand, I began to realize it would take a lot more than a train ride.

I had general admission tickets, which means lining up outside the venue around 7:00 AM. It’s really the best way to see the show, but it also involves a lot of sitting around and doing nothing. Edo had been complaining about the notion of spending a whole day in New York just to be stuck in line outside of MSG.

I could see his point of view, so about a week ago I suggested we trade our GA tickets for seats. That way, we could go up in the morning and spend the day enjoying the city before heading to the concert later. We made an attempt, but all of our leads fell through. I’m sure we would have had more luck if we’d tried this a few weeks ago.

So we were back to dealing with the GA situation. Ideally, you would stay in a nearby hotel, a place to serve as your home base–where you could stash your things, and have a bed to crash on after the show. I thought we’d be able to get a room for around $150. Boy was I wrong. We couldn’t even find one for $250!! (more…)


Don’t Blink You Might Miss

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Crappy cell phone pic of the Killers at the Borgata, Atlantic City, NJ September 29, 2005

As requested, I wanted to give you guys a review of the Killers concert I saw in Atlantic City this past Thursday.

It was, in a word: AWESOME!

My review and more crappy cell phone pictures after the jump. (more…)

Oh Yeah

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Almost forgot to mention, Clap Your Hands Say Yeah got a write up in the latest issue of Rolling Stone! Very cool. :-)

Also, they will be playing a charity show for Hurricane Katrina victims on October 26th at the TLA. 100% of the door proceeds will go to Oxfam. Tickets are only $15, so you can all afford to come down and check them out (while contributing to a good cause).


Open Up My Eager Eyes

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Going to see the Killers in Atlantic City tonight. I’m stoked.


Neon Heart, Day Glow Eyes

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I know this is a little old (try four months) but I just got around to downloading it from my phone. It’s a pretty crappy picture, I know, but it’s close to my heart.

A view from on high: U2 Vertigo Tour, May 14, 2005
Wachovia Center, Philadelphia, PA

Editor’s Note: This post has been having issues. For some reason last night, the SQL server deleted it, and then after I recreated the post, the server hid it from me. In other words, last night the SQL server was being a vindictive bitch. So please forgive me if you witnessed it changing content and/or disappearing/reappearing.


Put Your Hands Together

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Last night I went to see Clap Your Hands Say Yeah at The Khyber. I had a great time. Once in a while I need a good no frills rock show to remind me why I love music so much.

Anyway, I have to inform all of you that this band is very good, and you should all check them out if you have the chance. Mark my words, you’ll be hearing more about them.

Later, if you’re lucky, I might update the radio blog to include their album.

More Info:
Stylus Magazine
MSNBC Independent Study


So if You’re Lonely, You Know I’m Here Waiting For You

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Scored Franz Ferdinand tickets this morning. Third row, right center. I am so psyched.

And all I have to say, is fuck Ticketbastard. And I hate myself for being too weak to resist them.


A Rush of Blood to the Head

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Saw Coldplay last night at the Tweeter Center. Great show. Awesome performance, very entertaining. Not as spectacular as when I saw them from the center of the 3rd row a few years ago, but still very cool. Probably the best sound quality I’ve ever heard at the Tweeter Center, too.

So, after the show, we got in line for the RiverLink ferry to take us back to Penn’s Landing (and away from New Jersey). Everything was fine until hordes of people began merging into the line ahead of us, until it was probably 20 people deep! I couldn’t believe it. There was no organization, no crowd control, nothing. And we, being the civilized people that we are, were screwed by thinking that people would actually line up in a reasonable fashion. We ended up waiting in line for an hour while the bastards in front of us boarded the ferries and took off. I was SO pissed. Maybe this is a common phenomenon, but I’ve taken the ferry lots of times, and I’ve never seen it happen before.

Of course we missed the subway (because freaking SEPTA stops running them just after midnight), so we decided to walk up Walnut until we saw a bus or got to Little Pete’s, whichever happened first. We ended up walking the whole 17 blocks, which turned out to be just fine since it was a beautiful night. Along the way, we saw the breaking news story that Peter Jennings had died. I couldn’t believe it had happened so fast. Very sad. Lung cancer is so nasty.

But anyway, we still had a great night, albeit a late one. So tired…!


Talk Without Speaking, Scream Without Raising Your Voice

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So I’ve been gone for a little while… I keep doing that… Sorry! :-p Right now I’ve almost lost my voice, and I’ve got that sexy raspy thing going for me. Or so I thought. Last night on the phone, my brother told me that I sounded like a man. And this morning, Edo said that I sound like a whorish sorority girl. So much for sexy. (more…)


Coming Out of My Cage

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But it’s just the price I pay. Holy freaking crap, last week was really stressful. This week isn’t looking to be too much better, since I think I can still feel the ulcer growing. Data errors, data demands, suprise new employees, two leaks in my apartment (one huge one—maybe I’ll post a picture later).

But there were some highlights…
-Gotta gotta be down. Got to see Allie on Friday night! Too bad I had to work the whole time. (I’ll make it up to you, promise!)
-Open up my eager eyes. On Saturday, I went to my first of four U2 shows this year. Very awesome, but my seats weren’t very good. Scratch that, they were bad. But the concert was still great—I wouldn’t expect any less. My boys from Dublin, they know how to put on a show. Got to hear some songs I’ve never heard live before. A few of the classic old standards were absent—I sent Lushy a text message right after that read “Kate after first Philly U2 concert: No WOWY? How can there be no WOWY?” But that’s okay. I have a feeling a few of those favorites might return in the fall.

And then again, there were some low points…
-Now I’m falling asleep. After Allie left, I was up until 4AM finishing my project.
-And my stomach is sick. After the U2 concert I ate a rotten strawberry. (Well, I put it in my mouth and began to chew. It never made it to my stomach.) My GOD that was disgusting.

How did it end up like this? Well anyway, I didn’t write this post to solicit sympathy. I just wanted to ramble a bit. After all, it turns out there are people who had worse weekends than me.

And I’ve been doing just fine.



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Heroin Went to see Kenn Kweder (and The Men From Wawa) at the Tin Angel last Friday night. Lots of fun. The Tin Angel is a great place to see live music–I highly reccommend it. And Kenn Kweder is always worth checking out. He’s a Philadelphia institution. You can listen to some of his music at KennKweder.com. I recommend “Heroin.”