I’m Too Old to Have Another Birthday

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Happy birthday to Holz! Happy birthday to me!

As Holz put it to me earlier, “We’re not even in a new age bracket. We’re just in our late twenties.” Translation: we’re old.

So in honor of the anniversary of our births, here’s some completely useless information about the birthday song: Fun Facts—Happy Birthday to You.


Eye’s Wide Shut

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So I have these two new interns… we’ll call them Dumb and Dumber. They are driving me nuts. I thought you needed to be smart to get into college. They are keeping me too busy to go into more detail, but don’t let me forget to tell you about them. For now, have a laugh at Tom Cruise’s expense:

Tom Cruise’s Medical Forum


Bolton’s ‘Stache

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Every time I see a picture of John Bolton, I crack up. How anyone can take that mustache seriously is beyond me. I keep thinking that Conan should have Bolton’s mustache do battle with Tom Selleck’s mustache.


Impressions of Dalí

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Dream Caused by the Flight of a Bee Around a Pomegranate, One Second Before Waking

I went to see the Salvador Dalí exhibit at the PMA last weekend. It was great. The exhibit was well organized, which I appreciate because I hate museums where you wander around aimlessly and easily miss things. The paintings were presented chronologically, and the really important ones had long written explanations (which you really need with Dalí). Also, you get one of those little audio tour thingies with the price of your ticket, so you can listen to extra info about certain items. I was a little disappointed about the lesser known paintings, which were presented with very little information other than the title and the year it was done. That seemed a bit lacking. (more…)


Screw MapQuest!

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This is SO cool!

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