Promises Broken Now

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Okay… so my last attempt didn’t work out so well. I’m no longer going to make you any promises. I’ll just say this: I’m not closing the blog down, but I can’t guarantee regular updates. Things are just too crazy right now. But I love you guys, and I really do want to get back to this eventually.


Cobwebs In My Mind

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I fear I’ve left this blog alone so long that it’s starting to grow mold.

Have no fear, I’m still alive and I have no intentions of abandonment. I’m just running on fumes right now. And I’m so busy.

Work is really killing me, to the point where I don’t even check the blog during the day. And when I get home at night, the last thing I want to do is sit in front of my computer.

Truth be told, I might have made the time to sit down and write something if I, in fact, had something about which to write. But even though I’ve done many things lately, I find myself with nothing interesting to say.

Trust that I will answer all of the questions and resume my regular posting just as soon as I get my groove back.


Must Have Been a Hairball or Something

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My internet tubes were stopped up all day! But I called in a plumber, and everything seems to be freely flowing once more. Sorry about that!


Of Course We Watched the World Cup

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Yes, yes… before one more person asks me… Edo and I watched the World Cup Final yesterday. Not that either of us really cares about soccer, mind you.

Don’t get me wrong: I played as a kid, and like any good Italian, so did Edo. And he followed the teams, even went to some matches—but he’s just not passionate about the sport. However, during this year’s World Cup, he began to feel as though he had to pay attention.

You see, over the past few months, almost every person he’s encountered (especially at work) has assumed he was big soccer fan simply because he’s Italian. And this started way before Italy made it to the finals. So he gave in to the pressure and started following the World Cup so he would have something to say when pressed for his opinions. I thought he was selling out.

Me: Why are you bothering if you really don’t care? Can’t you just tell people that you really aren’t interested in soccer? That they are unfairly making assumptions about you based upon a stereotype?
Edo: Kate, it’s business. I need to have useless conversation topics.
Me: But you’re living a lie!

Anyway, even if Edo wasn’t selling his soul in the corporate world, we probably still would have watched the championship game. After all, it’s not every day that your country of birth makes it into the final game of the World Cup. And I do think that soccer is an interesting game, despite how many times I may delight in making fun of it (I only ever do it to get a rise out of Edo, anyway).

So, I will now present you with my wise and insightful observations about Sunday’s game:
1) While I fully understand why it’s done, it really sucks to end a game with penalty kicks.
2) A lot of the game seems to consist of grown men falling and flopping around on the ground like big babies.
3) As far as I could tell, France only had one player; so it was really stupid that he got himself thrown out of the game, even if that Italian guy really did give him a titty twister and call his sister a whore.
4) The Italians players have A LOT of hair.

Happy Birthday, Butterstick!

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[AP Photo via Yahoo]

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-National Zoo puts on a panda party [CNN]

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-I Have a Confession to Make…


Something About the Clouds and Her Mixed

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I love overcast days like today. A lot of people see that as gloomy, but I think the sky has more character when it’s covered in a blanket of clouds. Everything this morning was in gorgeous shades of grays and purples and blues, all of it reflected in the skyscrapers downtown. And the city noise was softer, muffled.

It won’t last. The temperature is already dropping, and at some point today, rain will start pouring down from those clouds. But for a few moments this morning, the city seemed so peaceful.


Sending Out An SOS Message in a Bottle

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It would appear that I’m stuck watching a five-year-old here at work today. It was sprung on me at the last minute, and as you may know, I’m NOT very fond of kids.

That said, she’s a good kid, and very smart. And I have an extra computer where she is currently watching a DVD. But when Mickey and the Beanstalk is over, I have no idea what to do with her.

I’m looking for suggestions, here. Any good kids’ websites that won’t lure her into a life of porn and gambling?


Update: There’s an added challenge. My freaking internet at work is filtered by Websense, which blocks anything it categorizes as “Games.” Bastards.


They’re Not Mine

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So uhhh… if you run into my boyfriend? I definitely, most certainly, absolutely did NOT just buy myself ten pairs of shoes.

I’m… holding them for a “friend.”

I swear!


Atlanta The Vicinity of Atlanta

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I guess my trip to Atlanta went pretty well. As expected, the airport and the inside of the hotel were the only things I saw besides this lovely view from my window. But the flights went smoothly, the meeting was moderately interesting, and I met some cool people. Plus, I get to check off one more state on my map. :-)

I did come to realize a few things, though.

1) At every meeting, there will always be one person who asks one stupid question after another, much to the chagrin of the speaker and everyone else in the room. The questions will be either completely irrelevant, or about something that was already covered. Sometimes the questions will not even be coherent.

2) There should be mandatory training before anyone is allowed to give a PowerPoint presentation. The training should expressly forbid the use of things such as an image Superman standing in front of a giant American flag, or the words “Thank you” in a rainbow of colors, flashing, spinning, and flying in from ten different directions.

3) No matter how perfect I try to be, I’ll at least find some minor way to be an idiot.


More Map Fun

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Well, since we’ve been having so much fun with maps, I thought I’d keep it going.

Larakin did this a while back, and I just thought it was so cool that I decided I had to make one for myself.

So put yourself of the map. Well, my map.

Whether you’re a casual visitor or an everyday reader, a lurker or a regular commenter, I want to know where you are. You can remain anonymous if you want.


Fun With Maps

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At World66, you can create a map of the states you’ve visited.

I know I did something like this in one of my surveys a while back, but this visual representation is way cool.

They also have one for countries of the world, but there’s really no point in me trying that one, now is there?

The states in turquoise are the ones I’ll be visiting within the next month. Kinda rounds it out a little to include them.

UPDATE: Everybody’s doin’ it! Check out these other maps:
DaveT, Holz, Larakin, Lushy, Stan

UPDATE #2: Y’all should probably just save the map image and host it yourself instead of using the code they provide. It’s taking forever to load on your sites.


I Have a Confession to Make…

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The mere sight of this cute adorable fuzzy face reduces me to a pile of goo.

I have been known to put the Pandacam on on fullscreen while doing chores.

I may or may not have squealed on the day they let him out for a walk, when there he went, trotting along behind his mother.

I mean, how can you not simply die of cuteness when the ‘Stick tries to climb up on a rock, and then falls over backwards?

I have next to no maternal instinct when it comes to human babies, but give me an adorable baby panda (or 16 adorable baby pandas), and I’ll melt like a butterstick.

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I Almost Forgot to Mention…

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How About a Nice Football?

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One of These Days…

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I’ll learn how to make a decent omlette. Until then…

I’ll just call this… egg pepper scramble.


Guilt Trip

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Last night, while preparing to send out my annual Christmas/holiday/winter/whatever cards, I realized that I’m really quite a crappy friend.

As I was going through my contact list, I couldn’t stop thinking about the people I’ve neglected or with whom I’ve completely fallen out of touch.

Some of it isn’t my fault… but a lot of it is.

I am a horrible, terrible, no good, very bad friend.

I feel so guilty.


Oh Where Oh Where Has the K Man Gone?

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Since the K Man has been mysteriously absent for almost a month (and I’m pretty sure he hasn’t been abducted by aliens), I think that gives all of us the right to have a little fun at his expense.

What do you guys think?

I’ve got something good up my sleeve…



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I am now more convinced than ever that the world revolves around men’s obsessions with breasts:
The Physics of Bras
Designer busts out with wall of breasts


It’s a Great Big Universe and We’re All Really Puny

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Larakin had a very cool idea to create a Frappr map so he can see where everyone lives. Rather than steal his idea (which was tempting, but I’m no thief), I’ll direct you over to him: Frappr! Go add yourself.


How Much Is Your Blog Worth?

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I saw this and thought it was fun. I have no idea where they get their info (didn’t bother to read all of it), but it looks like it was based on actual research.

My blog is worth $5,645.40.
How much is your blog worth?

From Business Opportunities Weblog [via Technorati]


For Holz…

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Earthquakes, tsunamis, hurricanes, mudslides….

Can’t Mother Nature just leave us alone already?

Emergency Declared in Fla. As Wilma Slows [ABC News]

For what it’s worth, I’m sending my thoughts of love and luck to everyone in Florida, especially my good friend’s family in the Keys (they know who they are).

Freaking hurricanes.


Odds Are…

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You know how everyone always says that flying is the safest way to travel, that the odds of being in a plane crash are really low?

I wonder what the odds are for this guy:
B.C. man aims to earn one million air miles in two months

Have a good weekend everyone.



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If/when we get a cat, I am SO going to try this: CitiKitty.


Happy Birthday Mike!

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Happy Birthday to my little brother who turned 22 years old today!