Burning Questions: FAQ

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Who is Kate?
See The Ego Behind the Landslide. That’s me.

Who is this “Edo” to whom you are always referring?
Edo is many things. Friend. Boyfriend. Boy toy. Partner. Co-conspirator. Accomplice. Arch nemesis. Roomie. Tech consultant. Resident European.

Are you a natural redhead?
Yes. Now feck off!!

What is an open thread? / What’s the open thread for?
The open thread is a place where you can say anything you want. Alert me to a cool new band, post a funny link, ask a question, or just leave a shout out. You should also use it to notify me of any technical problems you encounter.

Why can’t I make changes to and/or delete my comment once it’s been posted?
Sorry, it’s a limitation of WordPress. I would point out that most sites are like this. Blogger comments are an exception. If something is really irking you? If you accidentally published your banking information or your mother’s homemade porn? Comment in the open thread or send me an email (landslide [at] dunedan [dot] com), and I’ll see what I can do.

What’s with all the weird leg/feet pictures?
It all started back in October with the post Always Wear a Slip, in which I included a picture of my boots. Then, other people posted similar pictures to their blogs, and Monday Leg Blogging was born. Lately things have been slacking off, but I’d like to keep it going if I can.

What are the rules of the Friday Random Ten?
First, I want to mention that I didn’t come up with the Random Ten. I’m just one of the many bloggers who do it. The rules are as follows: Hit “shuffle” or “random” on your favorite digital music player, be it your PC, your iPod or whatever. Report the first ten songs it spits out. No skipping the embarrassing stuff. Post your answers in the comments, or do it on your blog and tell us where to find it.

How come it takes you forever to update the radio blog?
The long answer is that it takes time, I can’t decide what to do next, I’m trying to create a special playlist, etc, etc. The short answer is simply this: I suck.

Do you design/create/maintain this blog all by yourself?
Oh HELL, no! I suck at this new-fangled style sheet crap. I have my very own personal, live-in tech consultant who handles the nuts and bolts of this operation; I decide how it should look, and then he makes it happen. I did create the latest page header myself, and all content (unless otherwise indicated or an obvious outside reference) is written by yours truly.

This page was last updated on 4/21/2006.

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