In the Valley Below: Death Valley 2006

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Death Valley was incredible. Very remote, very quiet. There were a fair amount of people in the park, especially as we moved into the weekend. But it’s a huge park, and sometimes we spent hours without seeing a single person. The stars at night were like nothing I had ever experienced in my life. There were so many, it was actually harder to identify a lot of them!

Death Valley is definitely not a national park I would recommend for everyone. You have to travel pretty large distances to see a lot of the things, much of it on beat up gravel roads that often require the use of a high-clearance 4×4 vehicle. Unless you’re only planning to spend a few hours there, I’m not sure it’s worth doing the park without a jeep or truck based suspension.

With temperature highs in the 70s (F) instead of the 120s, February turned out to be a great time to visit Death Valley. I think March and April would also be good times. The only drawback of visiting this time of year was that some of the higher mountain passes were closed, cutting off access to certain areas. Then again, we were able to hike in the dunes and areas of low elevation without being roasted alive.

Anyway… have a look at some of the amazing pictures we took.

Day One | Day Two | Day Three

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