Open Thread (January 2006)

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Bliadhna mhath ur!

Buon Anno Nuovo!!


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  1. daveT Says:

    what language is the first one?

  2. Kate Says:

    Supposed to be Gaelic, though I can’t guarantee its accuracy. The second is Italian, and I got it from a reputable source. ;-)

  3. daveT Says:

    i’ll take your word both are correct! *wink*

  4. Manchild Says:

    It’s Gaelic of a sort but it’s not accurate.
    The Italian is spot on though.

    Gaelic doesn’t have a literal translation for Happy New Year. Bliana is year and Nua is new, and there are as many words for happy as there are for drunk. But the common greeting along with “Nollaig Shona Dhuit” (Merry Christmas to you) would be “Athbhlian faoi mhaise” (A good year, hopefully)

    Though “A good year, hopefully” is more of a use translation than an exact one.

    Bhlian is from “year” and Ath as a prefix would mean “nice” or “good” (actually “pretty”)
    Faoi is one of those words that defies translation. It has no meaning on its own, but can take something like 50 different meanings depending on the context of the words next to it.
    In this context, it could mean “if” or “with”
    Mhaise is not a real word in this context, but a corruption of más (from más é do thoil é “please” literally “substance, with the permission for it”)

    Here endeth the language lesson. :)

  5. Kate Says:

    Thanks for the lesson, Manchild. I just googled it and picked the the phrase that seemed to have been used most frequently in the past. I was a little skeptical, though. Gaelic is tough.

    Now Italian on the other hand, is easy to double check when you live with your own personal translator. :-)

  6. Holz Says:

    Hey, what are the chances of getting a Velveeta radio blog in the future?

  7. Kate Says:

    Well… the only Velveeta recording I have is from a long time ago. It actually predates our college years.

    And on top of that, I can’t seem to find it (just looked).

    But if I actually come across it, we’ll see. :-)

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