Open Thread (October 2005)

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And the trees are stripped bare
Of all they wear
What do I care

And kingdoms rise and kingdoms fall
But You go on
And on

16 Responses to “Open Thread (October 2005)”

  1. Kamin Says:

    What’s an open thread?? I don’t get it!

  2. Manchild Says:

    Talk about anything you want. (But I think it’s been used for site maintenance questions mostly before)

  3. Kate Says:

    Originally, I intended it to be for things that were off topic—I’m a bit OCD about staying on subject within post comments. I don’t mind when the conversation gradually drifts toward another topic, but I hate comments like “Hey Kate, you should listen to this new cd I got,” on a post about evolution.

    So the open thread was created for things like that, as well as for reporting site problems, and to function as a pseudo guest book. You can also ask me questions, bug me to update, or start a big debate about something. Whatever you want.

  4. Manchild Says:

    So you’re against sudden thread mutation in threads about evolution? ;)

  5. Stan Says:

    Ninjas are cool.

  6. Larakin Says:

    Ninjas are so “yesterday” Pirates are teh new cool. Arrrrr!

  7. Kamin Says:

    Manchild… HAAA!!!

    Kate’s a creationist!!!! WOOHOO!!!

  8. Kamin Says:


    (non-topical and it felt GOOD!)





  9. Stan Says:

    Pirates are just water ninjas. Same thing. It’s just hard to vanish into the ocean. Too much splashing.

  10. Kate Says:

    Kate’s a creationist!!!! WOOHOO!!!
    In the sense that I created this blog, I suppose I am. I guess that makes me your god. Bow down me and my Ego!!

  11. Larakin Says:

    nahh, Capt. Jack Sparrow is no “water ninja” although I think the tem is rather funny.

  12. Edo Says:

    Hey Manchild -

    Kate is having a couple small technical problems. The open thread link is hereby fixed.
    Forget EVER seeing that Bizarro version. In fact, it does not even exist. :-)

  13. Holz Says:

    I know you like Wonkette, just wanted to know if you’d seen http://www.wonkette.com/politics/bono/bigger-than-jesus-but-just-as-misunderstood-132423.php, cracked me up:

    Listen, just because someone lunches with the current president, deploys transcendentalist Christian metaphors in his writing, and otherwise acts like a Colossus bestriding a stadium arena — doesn’t mean his politics are any less liberal

  14. Holz Says:

    damn, my HTML skillz are ruly the shit

  15. Kate Says:

    Yeah, I saw it. I was amused, but don’t read anything into it.

    Bono’s faith (and questioning thereof) has always been something he’s worn on his sleeve. And he’s met with political leaders across the spectrum of politics. He’s not going to move his cause forward by ignoring one half (especially when that half is in the Whitehouse).

    Still, it’s kind of funny.

    It’s good to see they finally corrected the Washington Post article, too. Those idiots had some sort of dumbass writing that review.

  16. Kate Says:

    I actually saw Bono give a talk last night, and he referred to his lunch with the president once or twice.

    During the Q&A session, he brought up fair trade, and said something like “I was surprised… no… um… delighted that the president knew about it.”


    Crowd bursts out in laughter.

    Laughing, and a little embarrassed, Bono tried again. “What I meant to say was that he knew about the activists.”

    More laughter.

    “I mean, he was very well briefed.”

    Now people are just dying. So Bono says “He was briefed better than me. I wish I’d been briefed that well. Okay… next question.”

    This isn’t verbatim, but I couldn’t find a transcript. Poor Bono just didn’t want to be known for coming to Philadelphia and making fun of the POTUS, right before receiving the International Statesmen Award.

    It was really, really funny.

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