Friday Random Ten - Maybe She Just Has To Sing…

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1) Sam’s Town - The Killers
2) Green and Red of Mayo - The Saw Doctors
3) Fragments - The Who
4) For the Sake of the Song - Townes Van Zandt
5) Lazy Sunday - The Small Faces
6) The Rain, The Park And Other Things - The Cowsills
7) Yellow Rainbow - The Move
8) Tape From California - Phil Ochs
9) At Home He’s A Tourist - Gang Of Four
10) Working - The Why Store

Bonus: November Rain - Guns N’ Roses

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  2. Holz Says:

    1) Hole - Dolls Parts, Live on SNL … a performance I surprisngly really like

    2) Bonnie Somerville - Winding Road … one of the few songs on the Garden State sndtrk I don’t have.

    3) Audioslave - Be Yourself … eh, fairly weak song, got it on a mix

    4) System of a Down - Holy Mountains … can always count on SOAD to get my blood boiling

    5) Family Guy: Brian & Stewie - T.V. Medley … probably my favorite track from Family Guy In Vegas, the duo doing a dozen tv theme songs form the 80s

    6) The Killers - Mr. Brightside (Remix) … from the Viva Losch Vegas megamix!!!

    7) Fenix TX - Minimum Wage (live) … not as good as TMBG’s song of the same name, but exciting

    8) Yellowcard - Believe … underrated song, and an underrated band, I likey like

    9) BNL - Pinch Me … probably the most overrated BNL song, but hey, I still like to listen to it

    10) Dane Cook - The Nothing Fight … one of my favorite bits of his. What’s that word, Twat? Good word, I’d forgot about that word!

    Bonus: Kottonmouth Kings - Suburban Life … from the Scream 2 soundtrack… yes, I own it.

  3. Kamin Says:

    These threads/comments just confuse me. Is it just pure randomness or is there some connection between these?

    Maybe I’m just el Retardo.

  4. Kate Says:

    One is a trackback from another blog who linked to this post (click the link and you’ll see). The other is just a comment that was posted here. Does that answer your question?

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