Note to Self: Do Not Move During an Insurrection

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We had a professional moving company handle my office move a couple weeks ago. The contract I had to sign seemed fairly routine… until I got to the part about them not being responsible in the event of a nuclear attack or outbreak of civil war.

I dunno, maybe that is par for the course—I’ve never dealt with professional movers before—but it did seem just a little bit overkill…

2 Responses to “Note to Self: Do Not Move During an Insurrection”

  1. Stan Says:

    In all honesty, that seems a bit liberal compared to the contract of my moving company. They had clauses in there for zombie outbreaks and Borg invasions and such. Of course, my movers were DaveT, Holz, and the Fish twins.

  2. DaveT Says:

    you forgot the part about heart attacks from laughing at transvestites stan….