Well, she may be dead

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Well, your webmistress may be dead, but she is still interested in your comments. Find to the right the October Open Thread, only 20 days late. Leave comments, possibly not involving boobies.

Thank you.

The PlaceHolder.

9 Responses to “Well, she may be dead”

  1. Anonymous Says:


    It had to be said.

  2. Edo Says:

    Banning IP addresses. That can happen. The olden days of laissez-faire administrators are now OVER.
    (just a warning)

  3. Anonymous Says:

    Ha ha. SOMEBODY has a boobie-aversion.

    BOOBIE BOOBIE BOOBIE. That’s three of em! Might want to get that checked out by a doctor!

    Well at least SOMETHING is happening on this blog… Boobies are better than NOTHING AT ALL for months at a time….

  4. Edo Says:

    Not truly an aversion, but a genteel respect for the webmistress. A respect borne out of fear.

  5. Lushy Says:

    hoo hoos
    ya yas
    the twins
    the girls
    ta tas
    milk jugs

  6. Edo Says:

    You guys wish for my demise!

    Mams? Really? In what region? Oh, and it’s breasteses. ;-)

  7. Lushy Says:

    I think I got mams and jigglies from watching Footballer’s Wives, so blame the Brits.

  8. Stan Says:

    What about sweater puppets, chesticles, and my new favorite - bubbly-yumyums? Oh and it’s alright Edo, Anonymous is Kamin.

  9. Kamin Says:

    I do object, good sirs, for I am afeared not my linguistic visage to hence put forth and nay tarry honest with a phantom’s moniker.

    All that said…