Gnome If You Want To

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Stop oppressive gardening! Free the gnomes!

Okay, I know it’s silly, but I really get a kick out of garden gnome pranks. You know, when people kidnap the little guys and take them on a trip? Or leave a number of them arranged in a forest somewhere? Or under water?

Now I’m not the least bit fond of people putting these things in their yards. I think it’s tacky and low-class. But the stories of gnome mischief somehow make it a little better for me.

I do realize that some people would consider “gnome liberation” to be theft, but then I don’t really understand how anyone can be so attached to a damn lawn ornament that they would actually get upset over something like this.

Besides, it’s all in good fun. The gnomes are usually recovered or returned. Many of them write home, and some even come back with pictures and a story tell.

Almost makes me want a roaming gnome of my own… Almost.

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2 Responses to “Gnome If You Want To”

  1. Stan Says:

    Was that a reference to the B52’s? If so, good show old chap. I got a snicker from it.

  2. Heather Says:

    I really love that part of “Amelie”… Hehehehe…

    And I love the B-52’s… heehee