Thanks For Stopping By!

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Welcome, Philly Future readers!

Essentials for first time visitors:
-The Ego Behind the Landslide (All about yours truly)
-Burning Questions (FAQ)
-Classic Ego (My greatest Hits)

(This post will remain sticky for the duration of my featured blog status.)

11 Responses to “Thanks For Stopping By!”

  1. Kamin Says:

    Hi everyone! Just wanted to say that I am one sexy man. That is all.

    (Kate - I just had to use your star-power to pimpify myself!!)

  2. daveT Says:

    but kamin doesn’t have a brand new 2007 mustang gt.

  3. Kamin Says:

    Hey hey hey… I DO rock a 1994 Explorer LIMITED! LIMITED!!!! Did you hear that?!! LIMITED. TOP OF THE LINE!!! You can’t get any better than the LIMITED!!! My Explorer has a frickin COMPASS, fool! I bet your Mustang doesn’t have THAT!!! HEATED MIRRORS, BEEEYOTCH!!!!!

  4. Kamin Says:

    Bannination by Kate in 3, 2, 1……

  5. Stan Says:

    First off, sticky at the top has been screwing me up for the last week or so. I kept checking in and seeing nothng new so I’d leave wondering why you hadn’t updated.

    Kamin’s right, the LIMITED is awesome. It has this sweet two tone gay green on gay green paint. It has heated seats. Mine has them too but all the time. Although I think the element is messed up since it’s sporatic heating. Mine also has a rumbly massage feature, but it’s just as sporatic. On the contrary, I feel much better when they kick on. Then my wife yells at me for some reason. I’ll never understand women.

  6. Stan Says:

    Oh and your Bannination comment reminded me of my Clan in Halo. I’m overlord of the Banana Gadgetry clan. Overlord of Banana Gadgetry! You hear that? It doesn’t get more pimpifinated than that! Booyah! Can you smell what the heated seats are cookin?!?

  7. Kate Says:

    Good lord, you guys need something to do…

    DaveT clearly wins the car battle with the newest, most pimpalicious car.

    Stan, sorry about the sticky, it’s pretty short, so you should be able to see what’s under it…

    Kamin, don’t you usually refer to that vehicle as “The Exploder” or something?

  8. daveT Says:

    something new? the who wants to be a superhero show on scifi is fairly new and totally ridiculous…

  9. Kamin Says:

    Hey I’ve got a Mercedes and a Ferrari too!!!

  10. daveT Says:


  11. Stan Says:

    Feaurrari…named Zippy.