Down With the Ducks

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I’m a little late in reporting this, but I’m still catching up, so bear with me…

I now present you, via Philebrity, with more idiots who illustrate the need to eliminate The Ducks:

Teen tourists from Maine proclaim city, duck boats cool [Philadelphia Business Journal]

“I learned a few things. We saw where that girl who made the flag lives and where the money is made,” said Chelsey Pratt, referring to the Betsy Ross House and the U.S. Mint.

People! Stop it!! Don’t give them free publicity!! Don’t invite anymore mentally defective tourists to “quack” at Philadelphians as we walk through our most historic streets.

Just, just… just STOP!!

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One Response to “Down With the Ducks”

  1. albert Says:

    the first time i heard that stupid quack 2+ years ago, i knew i hated the source of the sound. i turned around to see a whole boatcar full of them and i knew i had met my newest enemy. hate the duckboats.