Hotel California

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As promised, the conclusion to my California story…

Now where was I… oh, right. After finally getting to LAX, I was surprised by a waiting car, which whisked me (as fast as one can “whisk” in LA traffic) to the hotel just as the reception dinner for my meeting was starting.

The hotel was… how should I put this…? VERY nice. Beautiful gardens with lots of water. The second oldest fig tree in the state of California (which was apparently payment for a bar tab).

It was right across from the beach—though separated by a bluff and a highway, as I would discover. (Check out a satellite view of the hotel on Google Maps.)

My room was equally impressive. They gave me a suite with a king size bed, a huge bathroom, a jacuzzi, and a sauna. That’s right, I had a freaking sauna in my room.

Not that I got to spend a lot of time in my room, mind you. My weekend was almost completely scheduled, from early breakfasts to late dinners.

But I made a point of putting my feet into the Pacific Ocean about an hour before I left. There was no way I was coming home without doing that! Pictures for your viewing pleasure after the jump.

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