Friday Random Ten: Innocent and In a Sense I Am

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I’m trying something a little different for the random ten this week. Recently, Edo turned me onto an internet radio site called Pandora. You start off with an artist or a song that you really like, and then they play similar songs based on it. You can fine tune it by approving or disapproving the songs it plays. For more info, read the Wikipedia article or check out pandora.com.

Anyway… here’s my list, based on my U2 radio station:

1) Stuck in a Moment - U2
2) Closer - Jimmy Eat World
3) Let’s Make a Night To Remember - Bryan Adams
4) Thursday’s Child - David Bowie
5) Too Long - Firehose
6) I’ve Seen You Before - Violet Nine
7) Trust - Ned’s Atomic Dustbin
8) Immortality - Pearl Jam
9) Wire - U2
10) Do Your Best and Don’t Worry - Morrissey

Bonus: Let’s Go - The Cars

And I just realized that I should have included the lyrics “But the nights you filled with fireworks / They left you with nothing” in my fireworks post. Oh well.

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7 Responses to “Friday Random Ten: Innocent and In a Sense I Am”

  1. Holz Says:

    This one seems cool… amazed it started right up. Here’s mine, which started with What A Good Boy, by Barenaked Ladies:

    1) Jane - Barenaked Ladies
    I’ve always loved Jane, but it’s not even in my top ten fav BNL songs

    2) Jumper - Third Eye Blind
    Great song… sadly, I don’t even own a 3EB album. Need ot change that.

    3) Nobody’s Prize - Cravin’ Melon
    I have only heard one other CM song, “Come Undone”, and it’s actually one of my fav songs on my list. This on’es great, too. Def need to pick up an album.

    4) Plainclothes Man - Heatmiser
    A little twangy, but a good beat. Too soft though.

    5) Curve of the Earth - Matt Nathanson
    A slightly harder Daniel Powter. Not a bad thing. I like it, but could have better guitar.

    6) Formula For Love - Project Rocket
    The music’s cool, but I don’t like the lead singer’s voice, too high for the tempo. Still, I could listen to it.

    7) Open - Rob Laufer
    Kinda reminded me of Colin Hay, amazingly. He can deliver a good chorus. One of the better “unknown” tracks so far

    8) What’s the World Coming To - Fleetwood Mac
    Interesting result, never woulda guessed they’d show up. Nice mix of voices, cool guitar solo. Impressive. Surprised me.

    9) In The Scheme of Things - Richard X. Heyman
    Hmmm… started sounding like a X-Mas song, then reminded me of Grateful Dead. I pass.

    10) Everything to Lose - David Andrews
    Another sound similar to Colin Hay, but I’m beginning to mix vocalizations. He has backups, but nothing impressive. Still, some unique musical choices

    Overall, I think I’m already in love with this thing. Thanks for the heads up! Off to listen to a Mest station…

  2. Kate Says:

    Cool, Holz! I’m glad you like it!

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  6. howard Says:

    I spent the past six days wracking my brain on the title quote, not that you asked me to. It struck me as familiar, so I was determined not to search for the context.

    At the same time I was thinking how much I miss hearing the song “Wire.” I’ve been meaning to dial it up in the music player as a refresher, just so I could hear it once more. A few minutes ago, I finally played it again, and now I’m kicking myself for all the brain-wracking I could’ve saved merely by playing the song sooner…

  7. Kate Says:

    I spent the past six days wracking my brain on the title quote…

    That happens to me all the time! I’ll give you a little hint for the future: my random ten title quotes almost always come from one of the songs on the list.