The Way to a UFIL’s Heart is Through His Stomach

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So… the UFIL left yesterday. And I have to admit, I really didn’t mind having him around; not that much, anyway. He’s really very sweet, and our communication deficit was quite amusing at times. Things probably would have been great if Edo and I had a spare bedroom. Well that, and a magic perpetually stocked refrigerator…

The day after he arrived:
Me: What happened to all the crackers?
Edo: What you should really be asking, Kate, is “What happened to all the cheese?” Remember all the cheese we had?

At the Indian buffet:
UFIL: You not having more to eat?
Me: No, I’m full.
UFIL: You eat like a bird!
Me: Well, I did have a good amount of food on my plate…
UFIL: A very tiny bird!

Wednesday night:
Edo: Are you hungry?
Me: Nah, I’m okay.
Edo: My dad says he’s not hungry, but I don’t believe him.
Me: Well, if you saw how much cake was left in the fridge, you might understand.
Edo: *looks in refrigerator* Oh…

Later Wednesday night:
Edo: Papi, do you want more food?
Edo: Are you sure?! Do you want some pizza?
Edo: Kate, check his pulse!
Me: *checking his carotid* Well, he’s still alive.
Edo: *explains to his father in Italian why I just felt his neck*
UFIL: *giggles*
Me: You know, Edo… it took two weeks, but I think we finally filled him up!

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