Paging the Pieces of Kate’s Scattered Brain…

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I got a pager when I started my job four years ago. And since then it has taken a lot of abuse. I’ve dropped more times than I could ever count, often busting it open and sending the battery skittering across the floor. It’s fallen down stairs, landed in puddles… once it came off my bag in the middle of oncoming traffic. And yet, it kept working. I was beginning to think I had an immortal pager—until last week, that is, when it finally gave up the ghost.

I always imagined it would suffer a tragic death: crushed under a subway car, drowned in a toilet, stolen and buried by wild animals; there would be lots of smoke, possibly even flames. After all, it was a tough old bastard! But it actually passed quite peacefully in its sleep. The battery died, and it just never woke up after I inserted a new one. And even though it was a crappy hand-me-down, I still felt a little sad. I’m weird, I know.

Anyway, I got my replacement on Friday. A nice shiny brand new pager (though still crappy). But by the time Monday morning rolled around, it was missing. I tried beeping it, but with no luck—I didn’t even know if the sound was turned on, as I hadn’t yet taken the time to set it up. I tore things apart in my frantic search, but I finally had to give up and go to work without it.

I paged it several times throughout the day, hoping that someone might find it and call me back. That night, I retraced every step I’d taken on Friday–even stopped in the restaurant where we’d eaten dinner. Nothing. I couldn’t believe it. I had my first pager for more than four years, and my second for less than 24 hours.

Then last night, it hit me that I’d spent time at my parents’ house over the weekend. I didn’t remember taking it with me, but I was out of ideas, so I called and asked them to look. And after I paged it a few more times, wouldn’t you know it? My mom found the little bugger in their car!

Needless to say, I was beyond relieved. And as it turns out, so were my parents: they were going nuts for the past two days trying to figure out why their car was making such a strange noise!

7 Responses to “Paging the Pieces of Kate’s Scattered Brain…”

  1. Lushy Says:

    It’s 2006…who has a pager anymore?!

  2. Kate Says:

    People who work in hospitals. :-)

  3. Stan Says:

    Ha! I imagine some mechanic would have had a nightmare trying to figure out this strange noise. Sadly, they chage hourly for things like that.

  4. Kate Says:

    My dad actually called the car dealership to ask them about the noise! He said their response was “Huh?”

  5. Tom Kim Says:

    My wife lost her cell phone in her sister’s car, which is like the lot on Sandford and Son’s. Since the battery on the phone died, my wife had to use all her powers of persuasion (nagging) on her sister to dump everything out, clean everything up, and sort until it was found.

  6. Kate Says:

    My wife lost her cell phone in her sister’s car, which is like the lot on Sandford and Son’s.

    Hey Tom! Heh, there are parts of my apartment that rival that description, and I was REALLY hoping my pager wasn’t in one of them. Because that was going to be my next step—to sift through the apartment item by item.

  7. Holz Says:

    I agree with Lushy, I didn’t think anyone used pagers anymore… I would see signs in restaurants and theaters asking people to turn them off, and founf it strange that they still though people had them… in an age of cell phones, I just find pagers ot be obsolete.