Everybody Poops

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I was browsing through some of our old pictures, and I came across a series of flower photos that Edo took at his parents’ home in Italy a couple years ago. There are some really gorgeous shots, many with cool close-ups of insects in the flowers, like the one above.

But look more carefully at this photo, and you will see that it is special. Apparently, he caught this particular bug in the act of making a little bug poo. Seriously. Here’s an closer close-up, if you want an even better view.

Now I’m perfectly willing to consider alternate theories, like maybe it’s a very conveniently placed speck of pollen. Or an egg sack. But until it’s proven otherwise, I’ll go on telling people that it’s poo.

2 Responses to “Everybody Poops”

  1. daveT Says:

    who flung poo?

  2. Ashley Says:

    Screw the other theories. It’s poo. That’s awesome.