If My Dad Ends Up At Gitmo, You’ll Know Why

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My parents spent last weekend in Washington, DC, so I called them on Saturday to see how they were doing…

*phone ringing*

Dad: Hello!

Me: Hi Dad, just calling to see how your trip is going.

Dad: Great! We spent the day at the National Gallery of Art, and we just walked over to the the Capitol building.

Me: Cool!

Dad: Yeah. And right now, your mother is talking to the police.

Me: What?!

Dad: She’s asking them if we can go inside the Rotunda.

Me: Oh. So you’ve had a good day thus far?

Dad: Yep. Hey, I saw a duck earlier.

Me: You saw a duck.

Dad: Yep.

Me: Gee, Dad, that’s exciting.

Dad: No, no, I mean one of those amphibious vehicles from WWII. The ones that do the tours.

Me: Ohhhh… You know, I’ve given serious thought to blowing some of those things up. The ones in Philly, at least.

Dad: Really? Well I’ve given serious thought to blowing up some new housing developments.

Me: Ooh, that sounds like fun!

Dad: Yep, I’m going to become an urban terrorist.

Me: Um, Dad? Don’t you think maybe you shouldn’t be saying that while you’re standing on the steps of the US Capitol Building?

Mom (in the background): Shhhhhhh!! Stop that!

Dad: Oooh, now I’m being scolded… Wanna talk to Mom?

Me: Sure.

Mom: Hi Kate!

Me: Hi Mom, how’s it going?

Mom: Oh, fine… you know… just trying to keep your father out of jail…

3 Responses to “If My Dad Ends Up At Gitmo, You’ll Know Why”

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  2. Holz Says:

    Well, they were gonna get him eventually, solely for having a recessive Ginger gene.

  3. Stan Says:

    Good stuff. Sounds like a fricken sitcom.