I Trip Through Your Wires

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So… the UFIL arrived safe sound this evening. We had a light dinner, got him unpacked, and sent him off to bed. Things mostly went well. Except for the part where I made a total ass of myself.

Not five minutes after he arrived, I tripped over the power cable to Edo’s laptop and went flying across the room. I landed face down on top of the papers and books I was carrying, and skinned my knees on the carpet.

Guess I won’t be wearing short skirts for a while. GODDAMMIT!!

My knees, in all their skinned up glory, after the jump.

7 Responses to “I Trip Through Your Wires”

  1. Heather Says:

    damn, yo.

  2. Ashley R Says:

    Aww, sorry Kate. :(

    Did you happen to catch the UFIL’s reaction? Concern, stiffled laugh, indifference, knowing glance exchange with son, etc?

    Btw, because another Ashley showed up (heya! ^_^) I’ll go by Ashley R.

  3. howard Says:

    Wait… is it Monday already?

  4. Holz Says:

    Yeah… “tripping on power wires”. Nice try, even I’ve used that excuse for skinned knees!

    …wait a minute…

  5. Stan Says:

    tripping billies?

  6. Kate Says:

    Wait… is it Monday already?

    You know, I thought about posting this on Monday, but I decided it couldn’t wait.

    Nice try, even I’ve used that excuse for skinned knees!

    Holz, right now I wish this was just an excuse!!

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