Every Single Day, Every Word You Say

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Remember Moe the Stalker from last year?

Well, since I shot him down, for the most part I haven’t had to deal with him beyond our paths occasionally crossing in the hallway.

No more “coincidental” elevator meetings, weird phone calls, or U2 bait. And I found out from a coworker that he’s married. Ewwww.

Anyway, I ran into him last week while I was waiting in line for my daily latte…

“Hi Kate!” exclaimed Moe, his face lighting up.


I responded with a terse “hello,” and a half smile.

“How are you?”

“Fine, how are you?”

“I’m good,” he said, and after placing his order, walked over to wait next to me. “Listen, I’d still be willing to go out sometime if you wanted to.”

Is he for real?!!

“Um, sorry, but I don’t really have a moment to myself these days. Super busy, you now. A busy year. Never stops.”

(Man, I wish that was actually a lie.)

“Yes, I understand,” he said, attempting to look pathetic. “I just had the worst year ever.”

“Oh, I’m sorry to hear that.”

“But things are better now…”

“Oh, well good, I’m glad,” I replied as the barista handed me my latte. “Bye now!”

And then I tore off down the hall as fast as I could, taking a convoluted route back to my office so as not to end up in an elevator with him.

Why why why why WHY do all the creeps seem to like me?

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15 Responses to “Every Single Day, Every Word You Say”

  1. daveT Says:

    i barely know ya, but stan at least will get a kick out this oft used preston and steve sound bit….

    “you use yer mouth purtier than a $20 whore”

    thats why he likes ya…

  2. Holz Says:

    I think it’s definately okay to repond with, “Thanks, but I don’t date married guys, plus I have an Italian Stallion at home”

  3. Ashley Says:

    Sorry Kate, that’s got to be scary. :(

    But I have to agree with Holz and Stan from previous posts… you need to make it absolutely clear to him. Let him know you are uncomfortable with this, say it just like that. I know you feel like you shouldn’t have to, and I agree, the boy needs to take a hint, but we both know he won’t. There’s no reason anyone should make you feel uncomfortable or afraid at work. You’re not responsible for his feelings, and you don’t need to humor him if he makes you uneasy.

    I get to experience this from both sides though, so I can also understand why you hesitate. In boy mode, I turn away unwanted attention politely but in no uncertain terms. In girl mode, I tend to put up with it, then kick myself later for feeling like I had no right to be assertive. Or I would assert myself, then unjustly feel like a bitch afterward. UGH, double standards… :p

  4. Kate Says:

    Maybe I watch too much CSI and Law & Order, but I’m always a little worried that weirdos like this will snap if I’m too mean. And then next thing you know, they’ll be looking for me with cadaver dogs…

  5. Lushy Says:

    The girl who spent the past 2 1/2 weeks talking to a robotic computer horse wants to know why creepy guys are interested?!

  6. Kate Says:

    Hey now, most of those real world creepy guys have no idea how much of a geek I am! Only the internet ones do. Which is why I try not to make it too easy to link real world Kate with blogosphere Kate.

  7. Stan Says:

    I’m with Ash, it seems like a weird double standard or something that society has formed where an asserive guy it labeled “tough” and an assertive woman is labeled a “bitch.” There are exceptions to every rule though so maybe you can be that exception.

    Oh and there’s nothing wrong with taunting a robotic horse.

  8. Holz Says:

    assertive woman is labeled a “bitch.”

    If all bitches are assertive, than all assertive women are bitches. It’s basic math.

    I graduated from Penn State with a degree in math, trust me on this.

    /the transistive property rules!

  9. Holy Indian Cow Says:

    as i see this message, i wonder, is true love dead ? or is it just relegated to books,movies and theories ?

    u say this guy’s a creep.u dont even know him.what if he truly loves you ? what if he is already through with his first wife ? what i mean is how do you know ? how do you not know cupid is knocking on your door ?

    i am sorry,ur doing the wrong thing,best is to face him upfront ask him to declare his intentions.check him out.nothing wrong in that.if he is trying to make u feel special then ur losing out not him………

  10. Kate Says:

    Hi there, Indian Cow…

    u say this guy’s a creep.u dont even know him.

    Did you read the previous two entries about this? Because I think they contain MORE than enough to label this guy as a creep.

    what if he truly loves you ?

    He doesn’t know anything about me at all, so how could he “truly” love me?

    how do you not know cupid is knocking on your door ?
    best is to face him upfront ask him to declare his intentions.check him out.nothing wrong in that.

    Well, I’m in a serious relationship (and he knows this). I am very happily off the market. But even if I was single, I just get a bad vibe from him. What can I say?

  11. Stan Says:

    Kate, I think you’re being stalked by a Bovine of Native American Descent more commonly known as BoNAD. If you see this BoNAD at work again, please run in the oposite direction while yelling “Fire!”

  12. Kate Says:

    I’ll keep that in mind, Stan, thanks. ;-)

  13. Ellen Says:

    (found this site looking thru the Random Fridays)

    Maybe you could say to him next time something like “My boyfriend and I were discussing you, and he and I both have concerns that you do not respect our commitment, despite my mentioning the relationship repeatedly. We’ve discussed me having him contact you directly for you to start to do so. Is that what it will take?” I think that may be forceful enough without being too bitchy, make the boyfriend real, and maybe make him feel awkward enough to really leave you alone. Especially if without being explicit about the boyfriend, you feel creeped out enough to wonder if he’d snap - gives a little extra warning that you have protection and at least 1 person (the most relevant one) knows about him.

  14. Kate Says:

    Thanks, Ellen, that’s not a bad idea. In the past I have said things to him like “My boyfriend and I just moved into a new apartment,” and “My boyfriend’s mother is coming to stay with us for a couple weeks.” That didn’t seem to faze him, but maybe the direct contact thing would. Who knows.

    My plan for now is not to do anything unless he asks me out or does something creepy again. Because this little incident was the first time in 6 months that he said anything to me.

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