More Fun With Barbaro

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Kate: How did it feel to win the Kentucky Derby?
Barbaro: Carefully.
Kate: Carefully??
Barbaro: Not many people express themselves that way. Do you speak Spanish?
Kate: no
Barbaro: OK.
Kate: Everyone is talking about you.
Barbaro: That’s a rather sweeping generalization.
Kate: No it isn’t.
Barbaro: Yes it is.
Kate: No it isn’t.
Barbaro: Yes it is.
Kate: Okay… LOTS of people are talking about you. Bettter?
Barbaro: OK with me too.Which ones? I lost my train of thought. Do you have any pets.

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  1. Philadelphia Will Do Says:

    Is Barbaro The Worst? Boy, I Guess!

    Exclusive interview with Barbaro, who finished, uh… didn’t finish: Me: Don’t you know how to start a race? Barbaro: Don’t you? Michael Matz programmed me to say specific things in specific contexts. Me: Michael Matz should have taught you…