Fight Back — Join the Résistance!

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I meant to post this yesterday:

Stop The Duck! [via Philebrity]

Now this is a cause I can really get behind! Let’s wipe out this “quack-tacular” headache-inducing plague upon our fine city.

Or at least take away their damn “quackers.” That would be a good start.

I mean, who thought encouraging the tourists to harass the locals was a good idea, anyway?

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-Quack Quack

3 Responses to “Fight Back — Join the Résistance!”

  1. Philadelphia Will Do Says:

    Blogicized: Driving Everyone Quackers

    • And, really, let’s jump on this now before we all forget: Yes, we hate the duck boats. We hate those stupid whistles. We hate everything. But, yeah, especially those stupid duck boats. Especially the one at least partially owned…

  2. Stan Says:

    Just another reason to never live in the city.

  3. daveT Says:

    i won’t mention that the duck boats came from pittsburgh…