Like Boxing a Glacier

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Last night, I got to see Stephen Colbert’s speech from the White House Correspondents Dinner, and wow… how awesome was that?!

Now I understand what all the fuss was about. I’m really glad I didn’t read any of the transcripts beforehand.

I was expecting him to be escorted from the room and locked up in a secret CIA prison for the rest of Bush’s term in office.

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4 Responses to “Like Boxing a Glacier”

  1. Holz Says:

    I was able to catch some dl’s yesterday during lunch, so f’n hilarious. Sadly, I feel asleep during last night’s show, gotta make sure to try and catch tonight’s 8L30 rerun, see what he says about it

  2. Kate Says:

    Try to get a hold of the entire speech, if you can. So brilliant.

  3. Aaron Says:

    The best part of the shebang is the parts where they pan to the audience. From the looks on people’s faces you could instantly tell their affiliation…

  4. Kate Says:

    And regardless of their affiliations, it seemed like everyone was afraid to laugh. Except for Scalia.