Cheer Up, Sleepy Jean

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I have several college students who work in my office. Yesterday, I overheard them whispering about the meaning of “4/20,” like it was some big secret. So as I walked out into the other room, I quietly said “Everybody knows that.”

They all giggled, of course. Then I mentioned how I’d once been dragged to a George Clinton concert on 4/20, and ended up almost suffocating.

“George Clinton?” one of them asked, “Who’s that?”

“George Clinton. You know, Parliament? Funkadelic. The P.Funk All-Stars. One of the grandfathers of funk.”

Getting only blank stares, I just mumbled “Oh, nevermind.”

Then the discussion somehow turned to music that’s appropriate for kids. Someone brought up Dave Matthews Band (though I can’t imagine why…), and how there are always a lot of kids at those concerts. She said it surprised her, since DMB songs have a lot of language that isn’t appropriate for kids.

“Oh good lord,” I thought, and then asked aloud “Would you rather have your kids listening to Britney Spears?”

“Good point,” she replied.

Then I told them that I grew up listening to my parents’ music; lots of folk and Motown, some Simon & Garfunkel, CSNY, Billy Joel, Elton John, etc. [This isn’t to say that my parents weren’t strict about the language in any new songs to which I might have been listening. They just sort of forgot it was also present in some of their music. I used that argument to my benefit once I got a little older.]

But I digress. So anyway, as an afterthought I said “Oh, and the Monkees! I loved the Monkees!”

Blank stares again. “What’s the Monkees?”

I lowered my eyes. “Seriously? You’ve never heard of the Monkees?”


“Ever hear Daydream Believer?” I asked hopefully. Only one of them had.

“What about I’m a Believer?” I questioned. Nothing.

“There was a remake of it in Shrek…?”

“Ohhhhh, I know that song!” Of course she did.

“Come on you guys, the Monkees even had their own TV show!”


“Well, in the ’60s, but they used to show it on Nickelodeon.”


I couldn’t believe it. I was the only person in the room who had heard of the Monkees.

“Davy Jones,” I said. “You’ve never heard of Davy Jones?”


“Or Micky Dolenz?” I sighed. “Back in the day,” I explained, “Davy Jones was a major heartthrob. But he’s like 60 now, so I guess you wouldn’t know him.”

“60? That’s really old!”

“Well, Paul McCartney is over 60.”

“Hey! I know who that is!”

Well maybe there is hope after all.

Though I once had a student who’d never heard of George Harrison.

Kids these days…

I feel so old.

4 Responses to “Cheer Up, Sleepy Jean”

  1. daveT Says:

    well if any of the females are cute and single i’ll volunteer to help edjamacte them…

  2. Lushy Says:

    You remind me of this old lady at work who always quotes the Little Rascals and doesn’t understand why I look at her confused. (It’s not like the old bag is quotin’ Buckwheat!)

  3. Kate Says:

    Well, yes, I should have told people to imagine a cranky old lady voice while reading this.

  4. Stan Says: