We’re More Than the Sum of Our Cheesesteaks

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Come back later for my latest rantings, but for now, check out this awful Jack in the Box commercial. Philly, we really need to work on our national image if we have any chance at becoming the Sixth Borough or landing the 2016 Olympics! Sheesh.

Authentic Philly, as Depicted by Californians [Philadelphia Will Do]

7 Responses to “We’re More Than the Sum of Our Cheesesteaks”

  1. Holz Says:

    Ha, I loved that commercial… I try and use “I soaked up Philly like a sponge” every chance I can whenever I return home.

  2. Stan Says:

    Who said cheesesteak? I want some.

  3. Lushy Says:

    That commercial is awesome, I loved it when it was out 2 years ago. And yes, Holz abused that saying even here… :-)

  4. Kate Says:

    Geez, it’s that old? I feel so passe.

  5. Lushy Says:

    Well, they have no Jack n the Box where you are, so don’t feel that bad. There’s one on every other block in Cali and Nevada.

  6. Holz Says:

    It is amazing how Jack got nailed on the East Coast with that salmonella thing in the 80s(?) but that the West Coast branches are thriving…

  7. Melissa Says:

    Dude! I love when Holz does that line…I’ve seen it so many times, I make myself laugh just imagining it. He does this little head tilt and gets the accent going. It’s wicked.