Sending Out An SOS Message in a Bottle

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It would appear that I’m stuck watching a five-year-old here at work today. It was sprung on me at the last minute, and as you may know, I’m NOT very fond of kids.

That said, she’s a good kid, and very smart. And I have an extra computer where she is currently watching a DVD. But when Mickey and the Beanstalk is over, I have no idea what to do with her.

I’m looking for suggestions, here. Any good kids’ websites that won’t lure her into a life of porn and gambling?


Update: There’s an added challenge. My freaking internet at work is filtered by Websense, which blocks anything it categorizes as “Games.” Bastards.

8 Responses to “Sending Out An SOS Message in a Bottle”

  1. Manchild Says:

    Do you have any web browsers, with Flash / Shockwave installed? If so, then someone can email you the SWF files which run the games.
    You just load them in a local Internet Explorer and play there.

    Problem solved.

  2. Manchild Says:

    Try loading MSPaint if you’re running windows, and letting her draw for a bit. (Though that might get old fast, if she’s not used to dealing with mice)

  3. Kate Says:

    Good call. I do have flash and shockwave. So far, I actually got some Sesame street stuff to work. The stupid filter is selective about what it blocks.

    Some of the stuff I found might be a little too advanced for her to do on her own, though.

    Also, the paint idea is great. I think she’s very much a beginner with the mouse, but paint would actually be a pretty good way to learn.

  4. Stan Says:

    Any makeup with you? That and a sheet of paper work too. :/

  5. Kate Says:

    Um, if you think for one second I’d let a kid play with my makeup, you’re nuts. Do you know how expensive that stuff is?

    Hee, I guess you probably don’t.

  6. Stan Says:

    It’s one of the many subjects I have no clue about.

  7. Kate Says:

    Yes, well, I’m quite clueless about comic books and console games, so there you go.

  8. Stan Says:

    The fact that you called them console games, says something. Don’t underestimate your knowledge.