That’s So Punny I Forgot to Laugh

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So apparently, some guy in Omaha lost his pants while robbing a store and decided not to pull them back up. The whole thing was immortalized by the surveillance cameras.

Well, whoever wrote this article about it should be banned from ever writing publicly again.

Here are a few choice quotes:

Although the man lost his drawers, he managed to go through the drawers of a couple of cash registers.

They say by appearing on surveillance, this man was definitely caught with his pants down.

Bare-Butt Burglar Strikes Tobacco Store [KUTV Saltlake City, via Fark]

Update (3/10/06): The Smoking Gun has the mug shot and some stills.

2 Responses to “That’s So Punny I Forgot to Laugh”

  1. Stan Says:

    Those aren’t even funny ones. What is the deal with unfunny jokes by journalists? Ugh!

    “The surveilance cameras were rolling, but unfortunately, all you could see on the tape was a blurry streak.” Now THAT’s comedy.

  2. Manchild Says:

    You have to realise that these Daytime Emmy award winners probably all took Journalism 101 and then dropped out. They don’t know how to write above the lowest brow.