Something About the Clouds and Her Mixed

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I love overcast days like today. A lot of people see that as gloomy, but I think the sky has more character when it’s covered in a blanket of clouds. Everything this morning was in gorgeous shades of grays and purples and blues, all of it reflected in the skyscrapers downtown. And the city noise was softer, muffled.

It won’t last. The temperature is already dropping, and at some point today, rain will start pouring down from those clouds. But for a few moments this morning, the city seemed so peaceful.

3 Responses to “Something About the Clouds and Her Mixed”

  1. Lushy Says:

    Will it be purple?

  2. Stan Says:

    You know that muffled sound? Is that what it sounds like when doves cry?

  3. Kate Says:

    You guys are good. :-D