Wanna See My Gun?

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As Edo was walking back to our apartment building on Saturday morning, he noticed a homeless man sitting by our door, clutching a brown paper bag. Deep in thought, Edo was trying to decide if he should go back up to our apartment, or wait outside for a friend he was expecting.

Well, he must have had a puzzled look on his face, because it prompted the homeless man to speak up…

“Are you all right man?”

“Yeah, just waiting for a friend.”

“Oh, I thought you wanted my gun.”

“No, not really.”

“Wanna see my gun?”

“No thanks.”

“Wanna shoot somebody?”

“No thanks, not today.”

Homeless man stands up, looks at abandoned pink and purple ladies bike with completely flat tires and screwed up gears.

“Do you know whose bike this is?”

“No, not really. It has been abandoned in my building for like two years.”

“So, if I take it no one’s gonna say I stole it?”

“Nah, I don’t think so. Go right ahead… it might not work too well, though.”

“It’s a bike… I’m homeless… I need a bike!”

Homeless man walks away with non-functional bike.

4 Responses to “Wanna See My Gun?”

  1. Stan Says:

    Maybe he was a gay homeless man and wanted that bike to match his elephants.

  2. amber Says:

    on a totally unrelated note… it’s baby panda time!

  3. daveT Says:

    my buddy evan always wanted to give a homeless person a plate of suicide spicy hot wings (we used to do the 10 cent wing nite every monday down on south street) just to see if the wings affected their digestive system the way it did ours. basically to teach them to quit asking him for stuff. he never went thru with it tho.

  4. Philadelphia Will Do Says:

    Blogicized: The New New Power Generation

    • While some who went were less than thrilled with last night’s “Prince” — so named because he didn’t sing — concert, at least one person was totally down with spending 60 bucks to see Prince play guitar. [Pencopal’s Project]…