Running Scared in the Valley Below…

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I’m beginning to think I’ll never finish the recap of my July 2005 trip out west. It’s pathetic, I know. I swore I would finish it before we took another trip. But I guess what: I didn’t.

And I wouldn’t want that to mean I had two unfinished projects, so I decided to go ahead and write up our Death Valley Excursion. After all, I had a mere 700 pictures to sort instead of the 3700 we took in July.

I actually had this ready to go last week, but I was having a formatting problem that my OCD would not allow to see the light of day.

Hope you like them. (Click below.)

One Response to “Running Scared in the Valley Below…”

  1. Stan Says:

    I wouldn’t mind living in some of those houses. If they were here of course.