Death Valley: T-7 Hours and Counting

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Man, the last day of work before I’m off for a few days is always so stressful that I find myself almost wishing I wasn’t taking time off. Almost. I NEVER have enough time to prepare work for other people. Sometimes that just means I leave late, but when there’s a flight to catch at 6:00 PM, that’s not really an option. Grrrrr….

4 Responses to “Death Valley: T-7 Hours and Counting”

  1. daveT Says:

    tell them they have to hack your username and password for your blog and put up a friday random 10 post on friday…

  2. Stan Says:

    Yeah, do that.

  3. Meli Says:

    She’ll still have access to a computer…maybe she can do a remote random from here on Friday.

  4. daveT Says:

    enjoy your trip btw!