Valley Girl

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Next week, Edo and I are heading westward, to hang out with friends at Lushy’s place in Vegas. While the men partake in their “Dude” activities, I will probably spend most of my time laughing at them with Lushy’s lovely wife Melissa.

But first, before the Vegas Dude Fest of 2006, Edo and I are going to hit Death Valley for a couple of days. I would really appreciate advice from anyone who has been there–what to see, what to do, what to avoid, etc.

Also, I know most of my readers live on the east coast, but don’t think I don’t see those west coast ip addresses! I know I have readers on the other side of the country who just keep to themselves—which is fine—but if you have anything to contribute, now is the time to break your silence!

We really haven’t planned as thoroughly as we’d like, but here’s a rough itinerary:

Wednesday night: Arrive in Vegas and rent 4WD vehicle. Drive as far as we can toward Death Valley. Find a place to sleep (maybe in Beatty?). It will be late, so we need to find a place that accepts late arrivals.

Thursday: Up at first light, and hopefully reach Death Valley around sunrise or a little later. You can’t really see much during the first hour of sunrise anyway. Spend all day in Death Valley hiking, driving the offroad trails, etc.

Thursday night: Camp in Death Valley. We could do back country camping, but there are a lot of different camp grounds, so we might as well stay in one of them.

Friday: Get up and do more of the same.

Friday night: Drive back to Vegas, or stay another night in Death Valley and get to Vegas early on Saturday morning?

That’s it for now. We are SO not prepared…

17 Responses to “Valley Girl”

  1. Stan Says:

    I would really appreciate advice from anyone who has been there–what to see, what to do, what to avoid, etc.

    Avoid death. You’re welcome.

  2. daveT Says:

    i think i can dig out my star wars insider mgazine that gives the locations used to film parts of “a new hope” if you are interested. take along an R2D2 with you for added effect in the pictures!

  3. Kate Says:

    I thought they shot all the desert scenes from New Hope in Tunisia.

  4. daveT Says:

    MOST were shot in tunisia, some where shot as pickups in death valley i believe. or maybe i was dreaming… demmit now i have to go home and find the issue.

    i am positive endor was shot in cali… redwood forests and whatnot

  5. Stan Says:

    Endor wasn’t in a new hope.

  6. daveT Says:

    i just assumed we all knew endor was in ROTJ…

  7. Mel Says:

    Which way are you heading into Death Valley from Vegas?
    Baker is a lame town with very good milkshakes at the Mad Greek. Plus the world’s tallest thermometer and an alien jerky store. See? Lame but funny…

    Tricia has been there, I’ll ask her what’s cool. Plus she used to be a ranger at Red Rock so if she’s in town that weekend, she offered to take us girls on a hike if you want. Hell, we can even go without her, it just won’t be as informational. = )

  8. Stan Says:

    Informational shminformational. What ever happened to climbing a mountain simply because it was there? That’s the problem with girls. Everything has to have a purpose. That and they have cooties.

  9. daveT Says:

    i hear its pretty.

  10. Lushy Says:

    Wookies do NOT live on Endor!!!

  11. Stan Says:

    WookieEs!!! And everyone knows they live on Kashyyyk. ;)

  12. Manchild Says:

    Well obviously, you must acquit.

  13. Kate Says:

    Mel, I’m not sure which way we’re heading in–probably from the north? I think we’ll figure things out this weekend.

    And a hike at Red Rock sounds great!

  14. Kate Says:

    And yes, I know where Wookies live…

  15. Stan Says:

    It’s WookieEs! Two E’s! And you guys claim to be Sci-Fi fans. Fricken posers!

  16. Kate Says:

    Okay, Stan, you’re right. But we’re not the only ones. A google search for “wookie” returned 1,780,000 hits, while “wookiee” returned only 838,000. I guess you are a better geek than we are. Sorry!

  17. daveT Says:

    i apologize for starting a star wars war…