Friday Random Ten: Pod People Edition

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As reported by Edo, since he has the evil device:

1) Team Mate - Kaiser Chiefs
2) I Don’t Know What To Do With Myself - White Stripes
3) You’re the Reason I’m Leaving - Franz Ferdinand
4) Innuendo - Queen
5) Nothing Better - The Postal Service
6) Dirty Dancehall - The Zutons
7) No One But You - Queen
8) Tu Principe - Daddy Yankee
9) Musique Automatique - Stereo Total
10) Enter Sandman - Richard Cheese

6 Responses to “Friday Random Ten: Pod People Edition”

  1. daveT Says:

    1) falls on me-fuel
    2)if you could only see-tonic
    3)plush-stone temple pilots
    4)dust in the wind-kansas
    5)don’t damn me-Guns n Roses
    6)suck my kiss-Red Hot Chili Peppers
    7)iron man-black sabbath
    8)big train-david lee roth
    9)fire water burn-bloodhound gang
    10)are you gonna go my way-lenny kravitz

    bonus-1979-smashing pumpkins

  2. Holz Says:

    Wow, interesting mix, K. Here goes mine… just added about 30 CDs at work, so hopefully some new ones will come up:

    1) Humble Mumble - Erykah Badu & Outkast
    2) Shake That - Eminem
    3) April Fool - Soul Asylum
    4) Driving With Mom - Gary Gulman
    5) Scully’s Theme from X-Files - Mark Snow
    6) Rock Island Line - Johnny Cash
    7) Sunshine Superman - Donovan
    8) City of New Orleans - Johnny Cash
    9) I’ll Cover You (Reprise) - Rent soundtrack
    10) Upside Down - Barenaked Ladies

    Bonus: Chop Suey - System of a Down

  3. Kate Says:

    Just so we’re clear, this week’s random ten was brought to you by Edo, not me. Though I do approve of about 70% of it.

    And Holz, your mix is also pretty cool. Johnny Cash. Donovan? I never would have guessed. :-)

  4. Holz Says:

    My enjoyment of JC wanes and ebbs, but I do have two live CDs of his that I recently put on my comp… I was surprised two came up there. And my Donovan song is from my Superman mix I made a while ago, of like 22 songs about Superman

  5. Kate Says:

    And my Donovan song is from my Superman mix I made a while ago, of like 22 songs about Superman

    Very cool. I love making mixes like that! I’m doing one for my dad’s brithday with sun and rain as the theme.

  6. Mel Says:

    I can’t wait to play next week. Tom’s iPod died this week so we got him a new one. My old mp3 player only held three CDs worth so i got the iPod shuffle…it’s made for the Random Shuffle.