Can’t They Just Leave Well Enough Alone?

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You may have heard that the Pew Charitable Trust has been trying to convince Amtrak to rename 30th Street Station after Benjamin Franklin, and offered to cover all the costs involved.

Upon hearing this I wasn’t very happy, but I figured, “At least they are proposing to name it after someone who had a major historical impact on Philadelphia (unlike last year’s renaming of West River Drive to MLK Drive).

Though I didn’t want them to change it, I thought maybe I could learn to live with “Ben Franklin Station.”

Except people won’t call it “Ben Franklin Station” or even “Franklin Station.” The will inevitably call it “Ben Station.” The newspapers are already doing it.

Ben Station.

Which of course sounds nothing like Penn Station. There’s no chance for confusion there.

This proposal was supposedly dead in the water, but now our brilliant mayor has gotten behind it.

John Street:
“I think it’s a great idea. There is nothing special about calling this place ‘30th Street Station,’ ” Street said in remarks to reporters at City Hall. “But here we have a huge national hero. I was for the idea immediately.” [Inky]

Yeah, nothing special at all. It’s only on the National Register of Historic Places with that name.

Don’t our city officials have anything better to do?? Like maybe pass that smoking ban?

Yes, it has been nearly 300 years since the birth of Ben Franklin.


Enough with the goddamn Benergy already.

We have a parkway, a stadium, and a freaking science museum named in his honor. Do we really need to give his name to the country’s second largest rail station, too?

I love 30th Street Station. It’s a grand, majestic, iconic Philadelphia landmark. I love the columns, the high ceilings, the cavernous interior. I even love that it’s called 30th Street Station.

I can’t really explain it. It just has a timeless quality to it. Maybe it’s just the sentimental geek in me.

The Pew Charitable Trust is willing to spend millions of dollars on this? Can’t they think of a better use for all that money?

Hey, while we’re at it, let’s rename City Hall to “Billy Hall.”

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4 Responses to “Can’t They Just Leave Well Enough Alone?”

  1. Stan Says:

    I’m with you even though i really couldn’t care less. Keep it like it is. Us suburbians will get confused if you change names of stuff around.

  2. daveT Says:

    surburbians? ha. the people in philly hardly even know where they are goin. i’m all about f’ing things up i say change ALL the names.

  3. Stan Says:

    Yeah, the Schuylkill is hereby known as Floater Drive.

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