Sorry, but…

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…I’m a little busy today, so here’s a sugary dose of adorable animals that should keep you pondering their inexplicable cuteness until I finish my grant and come up with something else to write.

Kitten chases a stable life [Herald Sun, via Boing Boing]

6 Responses to “Sorry, but…”

  1. Holz Says:

    There a days I wish I wasn’t DeadInside, just so I could feel something from looking at that picture aside from fear and loathing.

  2. Stan Says:

    *singing to self* Carnivorous horse of course, of course. No kitty can fill him as his main course. Unless of course the horse is hoarse from eaaating tooo much meeeeat. *end singing*

  3. daveT Says:

    boooooo for singing *makes (get ready for it) cat calls at stan*

    dang i come up with the WORST ones…

  4. Stan Says:

    Courtesy of Red vs Blue as per Dave-T’s request.

    Caboose - “I want a pony for X-mas.”

    Church - “A pony eh. I got something I can stick down your throat that’ll make you a little horse.”

  5. daveT Says:

    woo hoo. too bad there aint a rooster in the pic. would have made the joke perfect then.

  6. Stan Says:

    Yes it would. Kate, next time, have a “rooster”, a “donkey”, a horse, and a “kitty”. That way you can have your cuteness and we can twist it all 6th-grader like.