Fun With Maps

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At World66, you can create a map of the states you’ve visited.

I know I did something like this in one of my surveys a while back, but this visual representation is way cool.

They also have one for countries of the world, but there’s really no point in me trying that one, now is there?

The states in turquoise are the ones I’ll be visiting within the next month. Kinda rounds it out a little to include them.

UPDATE: Everybody’s doin’ it! Check out these other maps:
DaveT, Holz, Larakin, Lushy, Stan

UPDATE #2: Y’all should probably just save the map image and host it yourself instead of using the code they provide. It’s taking forever to load on your sites.

15 Responses to “Fun With Maps”

  1. Holz Says:

    Where you going in Cali, K?

  2. daveT Says:

    i feel like a little homebody now more than ever.

  3. Kate Says:

    Going to Death Valley. Edo and I are flying into Vegas a little early and taking a mini-road trip before heading back for “Dude Weekend.”

    Translation for the rest of you:
    We were invited out to Lushy’s place in Vegas for the weekend of Feb 17-19, so we decided to fly in on the 15th and check out Death Valley first. I can’t wait.

  4. daveT Says:

    i hope “dude weekend” is not a string of keanu reeves movies for 48 hours.

  5. Kate Says:

    DaveT, don’t feel like a little homebody. Except for Nevada, I visited all those states in that western clump for the first time last year. (Okay, I guess Texas was in Dec 2004—and it was a business trip, so maybe it shouldn’t even count).

  6. Larakin Says:

    Great stuff, I guess nobody here has ever had any reason to go to Kansas…

    Pretty cool what opposites we are though.. Im all west coast you all of you are east..

  7. Kate Says:

    Yeah, it is pretty neat. And I guess Kansas has just been proven useless.

  8. Stan Says:

    Don’t tell Superman.

  9. Stan Says:

    mine is pitiful

  10. John Says:

    I put in my states, and all I got was a code to put into a website! –I want to see my map, and I don’t have a website. oh boohoo!

  11. Kate Says:

    mine is pitiful

    Not really, Stan. You’ve covered way more of the east coast than I have.

  12. Kate Says:

    I put in my states, and all I got was a code to put into a website! –I want to see my map, and I don’t have a website. oh boohoo!

    Didn’t it show you what it looked like?

    Paste the code here if you want. I’ll edit and grab the image for you.

  13. Stan Says:

    Funny, I seem to be the only one who’s been to Maine.

  14. John Says:

    I’ve been to Maine! And this time I actually got the map to show me that I have! yay! (Thanks, though, Katie.)

  15. Kate Says:

    Any time. :-)

    Now, we just need to find someone who’s been to Kansas.