In Roads that Never Saw Sun nor Sky

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As most of you probably know, initial reports said that 12 of the 13 miners trapped in the West Virginia coal mine were found alive. Sadly, as most of you also know, that was not the case, and only one of the miners actually survived.

Now, I understand that mistakes happen. News reports have to be corrected all the time because information was wrong or outdated. But what that mining company did was inexcusable.

[Sago Mine company chief Ben Hatfield] said he knew within 20 minutes that an error had been made and that not all 12 were alive, but said he did not inform jubilant family members.

“We couldn’t correct the information without knowing more about it,” he told reporters. “Let’s put this in perspective — who do we tell not to celebrate? All I knew is, there weren’t 12 people that were alive. It was somewhere between 12 and zero.” [CNN]

What kind of crap is that?? Who do we tell not to celebrate? Are you for real? We’re not talking about a raffle at the local firehouse. We’re talking about people’s lives! What a dick!

To make things worse, most of the east coast newspapers ran the story that the miners survived. That just rubs salt into the wounds.

How hard is it to release a statement like this: “We originally reported that 12 of the miners are alive. However, we fear that we may have jumped to conclusions too soon. At this time, we cannot confirm how many of the men have survived.”

Would that have been so hard? Yeah, I didn’t think so.

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4 Responses to “In Roads that Never Saw Sun nor Sky”

  1. Holz Says:

    Babe, wait’ll you see Munich. The exact same thing happened during ‘72…

  2. Lushy Says:

    Nice subject line :-)
    I went to bed last night excited about two things: That PSU won and that 12 of the 13 miners were alive. Either there was some overzealous reporting or there is someone in that mining company that is really going to have to answer for the whole thing. I can only imagine how it might feel to have a friend or family member that was in there.

    As for Munich, Holz, remember that it is just Spielberg’s interpretation of what happened.

  3. Holz Says:

    “As for Munich, Holz, remember that it is just Spielberg’s interpretation of what happened.”

    Well, yeah, the following events are, but the actual news reports used? Pretty hard to dispute.

  4. Lushy Says:

    That aspect I agree with you on.