Love it or Give it Back

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I see cars all the time with American flag decals or yellow ribbon stickers, so I don’t usually think much of it.

This past weekend I saw one with a small fabric flag stuck to the side window with scotch tape. I thought it looked weird, but didn’t really take notice of the car until I walked behind it.

There were individual paper letters cut out and taped to the rear window. On the left side it said “United we stand,” and on the right, “Divided we fall.”

Then I noticed one of those fake license plate things propped up at the bottom. It had a drawing of an angry Native American with a gun, and it said “America: Love it or give it back.”

I REALLY wish I’d had a camera.


I found a picture of the plate.

I LOVE google image search.

2 Responses to “Love it or Give it Back”

  1. Stan Says:

    I think the humor is lost on me.

  2. Kate Says:

    Well… it wasn’t really meant to be funny. It was just very unusual, and therefore interesting (at least I think so). I guess you have to see the whole car.

    It also reminded me of the two Navajos who started a political argument with Edo and me out in Utah.