UMIL: Day 6

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Wow! Has it really been six days? More like five until this evening, but it’s the sixth calendar day. So… how are we doing?

Well, dinner with my parents on Saturday went very well. Better than I expected, actually. Hooray for us!

But last night I got my first feedback on what UMIL thinks of me. Let’s see…

I’m cold and distant. I’m not reaching out to her. And I’m bossy and ungrateful.

I’m messy (which is true, but I’ve been on extra super duper good behavior and I haven’t actually done anything messy). This comment was supposedly prompted by two water pitchers that were left out, even though I was not the only person using them. In fact, while they were off in New York earlier that same day, I had to clean up a miniature espresso flood that was inadvertently left for me in my kitchen, and I baked 3 dozen cookies with nary a trace left when I was done.

I have nothing interesting to say. Even my parents ignore me.

I talk too fast (okay, I’ll give her that one).

I think that everything in America is better, even though I never once expressed that sentiment (apparently I can’t even describe the way something is done in the US as a comparison to other countries without exalting the American way of life at the top of my lungs). Half of her sentences to me start off with “You must understand that in Italy, it’s different….” And she can’t believe I haven’t gone over there yet to see and understand how they do things.

Oh, and because I come from a “lower social class,” I mustn’t forget that I’m a “climber,” and I shouldn’t make other people stoop down to my standards.

So, you know… I guess things could be worse. She could be staying for three weeks instead of two.

7 Responses to “UMIL: Day 6”

  1. Stan Says:

    Ahh, you make me glad to have the in-laws I do. Thanks for the wake-up call. If it’s any consolation, we love you Kate.

  2. Kate Says:

    Thanks Stan, I appreciate that.

  3. Manchild Says:

    let me add a single counter point then…

    U clearly have the patience of a saint.

  4. mike Says:

    maybe i should have come to dinner im not afraid to tell people what i think if they insult my big sister

  5. Stan Says:

    Hey Mike, although your intentions are good, I’m guessing that would only have reenforced the bad impression.

  6. Kate Says:

    Thanks guys. Keep sending your energy to my side of the force.

  7. Stan Says:

    Hmmhmm, patience.