CNN Makes Me 360 Degrees of Dizzy

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Seriously, what the hell is the matter with CNN? Some of you may have heard that the news network has recently shuffled their lineup, firing Aaron Brown and giving us more of Anderson Cooper, who will now be on from 10-12 every night.

Too bad, I really liked coming home and putting on AC 360 at 7 PM, when I don’t usually have anything better to do, and watching for most of the hour. Now he’ll be on for two hours at a time when I’m almost always busy.

I love Anderson Cooper, but I fear that too much of him will eventually cause me to feel otherwise. CNN is exploiting the shit out of all the good work he did covering Katrina. Not that I’ll be watching him as often as before, but he’s going to get so overhyped and overexposed that he’ll be ruined. (If that hasn’t happened already).

And while Aaron Brown wasn’t my favorite anchor, I certainly found him more tolerable and interesting than a lot of their other crap. At least he actually summed up the news stories of the day.

So, what’s happening to the 7 PM time slot, you ask? Why, Wolf Blitzer’s “Situation Room.” Don’t even get me started on how stupid the premise of that show is….

“We’re always live here on the Situation Room. And oh, by the way, you’re watching the Situation Room. Did I say ‘Situation Room?’ I think I said ‘Situation Room.’ Look at all the pretty televisions with feeds from international news channels. We’re not going to tell you what’s on them, but look how pretty they are here behind me on the Situation Room!”

So anyway, the Situation Room will now air from 4-6, with an hour pause for Lou Dobbs, and then we get more Blitzer from 7-8. Maybe it’s because they realized that no one wants to watch three straight hours of the Wolf man. I don’t know. But the whole thing just seems so convoluted.

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Links via Wonkette. Don’t bother looking for any info about this on CNN.com.

11 Responses to “CNN Makes Me 360 Degrees of Dizzy”

  1. Amber Says:

    I have had a crush on Anderson Cooper since way before The Mole, back when he was the anchor on ABC’s World News Now from 3-5am weekdays. I lurve him. On an unrelated note, Kate, I wanted to invite you and Edwardo to my housewarming party in Manayunk next Saturday, the 12th. Email me and I’ll give you the details, if you are available.

  2. Holz Says:

    I’m gonna be disappointed to see Aaron leave, he was one of the few CNN anchors I really liked. Cooper’s okay and all, but like Amber said, he hosted The Mole… hard to respect a news anchor who does something like that.

    I am pleasantly surprised though to see AC’s sexual preference didn’t hamper CNN from putting him in such a position in this day and age…

  3. Stan Says:

    Wait, AC’s gay? WTF?!? Not that it matters, but that was a dang shock! Maybe my gaydar’s not what it used to be. Oh wait, I never had a good gaydar. Regardless, I think he’s cool and would be a great replacement for Probst should he bail on Survivor. Coop was awesome one the Mole…which they should bring back for another season.

    Aside from fake reality TV, I don’t care about real reality TV IE the news, so I’d be upset about the switch if I cared about CNN.

  4. Holz Says:

    I was under the impression that that was common knowledge (same thing with Shephard Smith). I mean, they don’t flaunt it, but they don’t hide it either.

  5. Kate Says:

    Amber, thanks for the invite. I’ll email you.

    I never watched the Mole, so I guess it’s easier for me to look past that. But he has established himself as a decent reporter both before and after that Mole stint, so who cares?

    Regarding his sexuality, he’s never openly admitted to being gay, though I would venture that it’s highly likely. I had my suspicions long before that stupid article “outed” him and Shepard Smith.

  6. Kamin Says:

    Gay liberal news station.

  7. Kamin Says:

    Ha ha. That was just a joke! Calm down.

  8. Kate Says:

    Gay liberal news station.

    In case you didn’t already know, Shepard Smith is a Fox News reporter….

  9. Murr Says:

    I too am ticked that they are moving Anderson to a later timeslot. It was the only thing I enjoyed watching at 7. I’m certainly not goign to watch Wolf Blitzer — and I’ll be damned if I’ll watch Shepard Smith. Why did they do this? Stupid if you ask me.

    Aaron was a little monotone, but he was good. And if they keep touting Cooper like they are he’ll get overexposed and then the’ll have noone.

  10. Kate Says:

    And if they keep touting Cooper like they are he’ll get overexposed and then the’ll have noone.

    Exactly. They are really putting all their eggs in one basket here. I SO don’t have a good feeling about this.

  11. Amber Says:

    Here’s my six degrees of Anderson Cooper story: one of the girls I work with has a sister dating a Globe-Trotting Hollywood-Financial Guy who sat on a plane with AC the other night and GTHFG asked AC if he was gay and AC said no! So there you go!