Some Friendly Advice…

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Just because you have a digital camera and the pictures are “free,” it doesn’t mean that you have carte blanche to take pictures of your girlfriend* whenever you want. And if you do it anyway, and she tells you “Delete that, I look like shit,” THEN DO IT.

And if you ignore this request, definitely DO NOT take the picture files to your parents’ house and then leave them on their computer. Especially if your parents are in the process of digitally archiving all of their pictures for posterity.

Because one day, in preparation for a visit from YOUR mother, your girlfriend will be lovingly going through a CD of your family photos so you can display some of them alongside the pictures of her family.

And in between the pictures of your dad’s birthday and your cousins playing in the pool, she will find one of herself. In a bikini top, eating a tunafish sandwich, with ZIT CREAM on her face.

And believe me, you WILL regret it.

*or wife, boyfriend, husband, etc.

5 Responses to “Some Friendly Advice…”

  1. Stan Says:

    I’m getting the feeling that this situation isn’t so hypothetical.

    So in his defense, I took pictures of Krista right after she got her nose rebroken. Then I developed the picture and put it in our album. Why? Because black eyes, bloody bandages, and being high on pain killers is funny.

  2. Stan Says:

    Hey what’s with the word verification thing?

  3. Edo Says:

    If the comment spam plugin (Spam Karma 2), is uncertain as to whether a comment is spam or not, it asks the user to solve a captcha test. I don’t know what could have prompted it to be uncertain about your comment, though.

  4. Kate Says:

    Probably “pain killers,” if I had to guess.

  5. Beach Party Says:

    Some Friendly Advice

    Not a good idea to put your girlfriend’s picture in the family album, even inadvertently….