The Continuing Story of a Girl and her Apartment: Part IV

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Required reading: Part I, Part II, and Part III.

And now, the conclusion…

Do the limbo rock.
At the end of Part III, my bathroom ceiling began leaking, right after Edo left the country. Usually I let him deal with this sort of crap, but this time it was my turn.

I called the management office and asked for Eleanor, who was none too pleased to be hearing from me since the last time we spoke I was, well, a bitch. So I said in the sweetest voice I could muster, “Oh Eleanor, our ceiling is leaking and I’d hate to see it ruin all that hard work that Theodore just did.”

Anyway, she sent someone over to deal with it. It stopped temporarily. Then it started again. Stop. Start. Stop. Start. You get the picture. By the end of September, we had a nice hole going for us in the ceiling above the shower. In case you’re keeping track, that was only two months after they repaired the wall.

About three weeks ago, Theodore and the plumber (call him Alvin) finally decided to open up the hole further, so they could see where the leak originated.

You can view their handywork here on the left. They found the leak and fixed it, but there’s no guarantee that another one won’t form.

The only real solution is to replace the bathroom above us, which Theodore wants to do, but surprise, surprise… he’s been having trouble getting the authorization. Since they won’t fix our ceiling until they replace the upstairs bathroom, we are in limbo.

What a stud.

Currently, there are two random boards covering the now gaping hole in our ceiling (see photo on the right). And when Theodore was attaching those boards, it was as if he felt a burning desire to showcase just how incompetent he really is: he missed the joist. Over and over and over again.

There were about 10-15 extra screws up there by the time he finished. Now it’s one thing if you are trying to find a stud in a normal wall, but how can you miss a joist that’s exposed?!!

Edo removed the extra screws because we got tired of staring at them, but you can still see the holes if you open up the image for a larger view.

Last weekend, Theodore stopped by to tell us that the heating system in the building is broken and they have to work on that first. So it will be a while before they can fix our bathroom. Oh goody.

I told him it better be done before my un-mother-in-law comes to visit in November. He said he’d try, but I’m not holding out any hope. She’ll come here, see the eyesore that is my shower, and then blame me for making her son live in a filthy rat hole. Not that she wouldn’t have just found another excuse, but dammit, I don’t need it to be this easy!

Coming together.
While Edo was away, my parents pitched in, helping me find and assemble cabinets, figure out where to put things, and clean. Oh my god the cleaning. Did I mention that the place was filthy? Because it was. FILTHY.

We literally had to scrub every inch of the kitchen. I’m not kidding. My mom was on her hands and knees, scrubbing the floor like Cinderella before she met Prince Charming.

And the cabinets… well, you can see an example on the left here. It took me forever to clean that shit.

You should have seen the cabinet above the stove. I’m convinced that our predecessors never once cleaned their kitchen.

Anyway, we finally have most of the furniture we need. A couple things are being shipped, and we’re still looking for the perfect coffee table, but it’s starting to come together at last.

It has been challenging, finding the right items and configuration to maximize storage and utility while still creating a pleasant living space, but I’m quite happy with the way things are turning out. Excluding the bathroom woes, I’m really starting to enjoy living here.

So that’s my story up to now. I’m sure I’ll have enough material for a Part V before the year is over. You can see some pictures of how the place is looking these days below.

6 Responses to “The Continuing Story of a Girl and her Apartment: Part IV”

  1. Larakin Says:

    Man, You cant deny the incompetence of the lowest bidder!

    Your place does look geat all cleaned up though.

  2. Kate Says:

    Thanks. :-) We still have a lot to do, but it’s finally beginning to feel homey.

  3. Kate Says:

    You know, I just noticed that you can spot at least one speaker in all three of these photos. I wonder if it’s possible to stand somewhere in our apartment and not be able to see any speakers.

  4. Stan Says:

    Funny thing is that the “boards” over your shower are just scraps of drywall, whcih at that thickness are pretty heavy and he’s only got a couple load-bearing screws holding them up. I’d be really worried about that. Especially with all the moisture in a bathroom and the drywall clearly isn’t moisture rated bathroom drywall or sealed in any way. If that falls on you mid-shower, not only are you taking a trip in an ambulance, but you’re doing it in your birthday suit. Look into securing that better. :)

  5. Kate Says:

    Is drywall really that heavy?

  6. Stan Says:

    Heh, yeah it’s called sheet rock for a reason. And maybe the picture distorts it, but it looks to me liek 1/2 inch. And the moisture rated stuff has a green paper finish instead of grey. Even then, I’m not sure that exposed ends would maintain the integrity of the seal. Anyone reading can feel free to correct me since I’m not a very good handyman, but I’ve done my fair share of drywalling.