It’s All the Rage

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I guess you guys really loved my boots.

It looks like I’ve started a trend:

I hereby propose “Monday Leg Blogging” to start off every week.

7 Responses to “It’s All the Rage”

  1. Larakin Says:

    Im in!

  2. Kamin Says:


  3. Stan Says:

    I’ll do my best. And if I forget I’ll just crop a picture of Chewbacca. It’s the same fricken thing.

  4. Holz Says:

    Well, I got my pic, but it’s on my camera phone… sadly, I can’t figure out how to send it over email… you would think this would be easy… argh!

  5. Kate Says:

    That’s actually how I did my original boot picture, since it was on a whim. Send it to me over the phone, and I’ll email it to you. How’s that sound?

  6. Holz Says:

    Hmmm… trying, but it doesn’t seem to send. Weird.

  7. Kamin Says:

    Obviously, your phone is taking one for the team.