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TV Cream’s Top 100 Toys

How many of these did you play with as a kid? I lost count, but I think it was 19 or 20 for me.

Just this past weekend, my brother showed me the old View-master he’d recently dug out from the void in our parents’ house. I probably haven’t even thought about that thing in almost 20 years.

Among other things, the slides included dinosaurs, Muppets, Winnie the Pooh, My Little Pony, Dumbo, and Thundercats. My brother also had some with Ghostbusters and Ninja Turtles.

Boy did that bring back memories. I feel so old.

7 Responses to “Memories”

  1. Kamin Says:

    Ahhh the memories. And one single tear.

    Man… that was cool to see some of that stuff. I definitely remember a lot of them… here are the top two that stood out to me:

    1. Bluebird A La Cart Kitchen — I actually have this in my living room as we speak… Yasmin loves it.

    2. Chutes Away — Loved it!

    Thanks for the reminiscing (sp)

  2. Holz Says:

    Guess Who?… I loved that game, but it was seriously flawed in that if you picked a woman, the first question “Are you male” would knock down like 80% of the tiles.

    Perfection… I swear this game is why I still jump at loud noises. Not one for the meek.

    Mousetrap… another favorite, although did anyone actually play the game correctly, building the trap while playing? W ealways set it up fully, then played…

    And my personal favorite, Crossfire, I was beginning to worry that it hadn’t made the list. Funny thing about Crossfire, the box is where I hid my Playboys when I was a kid… true story.

    But where the hell was Hungry Hungry Hippos? That game actually played a part in my first “hook-up” and then subsequent “being caught by parents”

  3. Kate Says:

    where the hell was Hungry Hungry Hippos
    Yeah, there were a few other things missing as well. You can tell that a lot of the voters for the list were British (there were at least three Dr. Who references), so maybe that had an effect. We should all name ten and see what we come up with.

    Let’s see… in no particular order:
    -Rainbow Brite
    -My Little Pony
    -Legos—sometimes I’m still tempted to play with them.
    -Etch A Sketch
    -Play Doh
    -jigsaw puzzles
    -record player (remember vinyl?)
    -Cabbage Patch Kids
    -Lite Brite
    -And yes, Barbie

  4. Holz Says:

    Well, I can’t remember my childhood well, buit things off the top of my head:

    Garbage Pail Kids cards
    GI Joe
    Those pink monster wrestlers… damn, can’t remember their name.
    That Skipping machine… you looped around your leg, and it recorded how many times you spun it around
    Micro Machines
    Hot Wheels
    Racing tracks that glowed (glew?) in the dark, where you had to slow down around corners or they flew off
    Nintendo… a bit high tech I suppose.
    Full-size battleship… again, can’t remembr what it was called, but it was an 8×8 board with 3D shipd that shot out missiles and blew up your opponent.
    My Huffy bike. Huffy’s ruled.

  5. Lushy Says:

    Lite Brite
    Tonka Dump Truck
    Strawberry Shortcake
    Cabbage Patch Kids
    He Man / She Ra
    Fast 111s (weird racing car board game)
    Milbournes (weird racing car card game)
    Big Wheels
    Go To The Head of the Class (nerdy trivia board game)

    Tom’s would probably be Atari, Nintendo, his viewmaster and other video games. = )

  6. Lushy Says:

    I replied before I looked at the list.

    Play Doh
    Speak n Spell (I was a little dork)
    Connect Four

    Man I miss those…

  7. Kate Says:

    I loved He Man and She Ra.

    And I had a Speak n Read. :-)

    Board Games: Chutes and Ladders, Life, and Clue.