As of Today, West River Drive is No More

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Am I the only one who has a problem with renaming West River Drive after Martin Luther King, Jr? Okay, so we are one of the only major cities without a street named after him. So what? We have a high school and recreation center named after him.

Twenty years ago, they renamed East River Drive after Jack Kelly. That created a lot of controversy, and there are still people to this day who refer to it as East River Drive. But Jack Kelly was a Philadelphian! A city coucilman and rower who won an Olympic medal in the sport he practiced on the very river along which the street named after him runs!!

Now I’m not saying that we shouldn’t name a street after MLK. But why West River Drive? Shouldn’t renaming one of the most beautiful and distinctive roads in the city, something that is uniquely, quintessentially Philadelphian, be reserved for a Philadelphian??

I’ll post more info on this when I have time.

2 Responses to “As of Today, West River Drive is No More”

  1. Stan Says:

    Yeah, how about Bill Cosby. We could name it Ihatemyownrace Boulevard or maybe Sexual Assaul Ave.

    Maybe we could name it after Tommy LaSorda and call it Slim Fast Street.

  2. Kate Says:

    Yeah I know. I was trying to think of a Philadelphian to suggest for it and I came up with squat. Besides, the person has to have been dead for at least 10 years before they could name a street after them. Anyway, it’s been called West River Drive for a long time. We should have waited a little longer for the right person to come up. I guess Mayor Street has nothing better to do since he’s becoming a lame duck already.